TODAY   |  April 02, 2013

Ousted ‘Idol’ contestant: ‘I don’t have any regrets’

Devin Velez, the latest contestant to be voted off “American Idol” talks about the ”weird feeling” he had that it was his “time to go,” and says he isn’t offended by judge Nicki Minaj’s tough criticism.

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>>> it has been a rough 12th season for the guys on " american idol ." devan was sent home after getting what i thought were rave reviews. nice to see you, good morning. your solo performance the judges seemed to like it and off you went. were you surprised?

>> you know, it's funny but it's a weird feeling as a contestant sometimes when it's your time to go and you feel really good about your performance, i woke up that morning and i was already, my bags were packed and i was already ready to go and i think that i had a great run and i don't have any regrets toward the contestants and judges. i thought i did my best.

>> people loved your performance. nicki minaj was tough on you guy guys "get off the stage and never do that again." how do you feel about those comments?

>> i think it's nicki minaj, she wanted us to go, i still love her. the way my mother raised you, when people talk about you and it's not about you don't take offense. she said you forgot your lyrics and with off pitch, with all due respect i wasn't off pitch nor did i forget my lyrics, but i think it was a wake-up call not just to us guy but the rest of us left, once you're in top ten lyrics and that shouldn't happen. it's unprofessional.

>> listen, good luck. it's nice to have you here, devin thank you very much.