TODAY   |  April 02, 2013

3 workouts you can do in under 10 minutes

Jen Ator from Women’s Health says that even if you’re crunched for time, you can still fit in a great workout that will make you break a sweat. She demonstrates flat-belly exercises and a way to boost your metabolism doing squats and lunges.

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>>> now on today's woman, it's the busy woman's workout. juggling your job, your kids and your to-do list leave very little time for the gym?

>> you don't need an hour a day to get in shape. here to speed up your shape-up is "women's health" senior fitness editor, jen adir. jen has crutches --

>> yes.

>> you had a bad skiing accident.

>> yes, i had a bad skiing accident. similar to lindsay vonn, she did the same thing right after me. she was trying to copy my style.

>> we have young and fit sara to help me out and show me the moves.

>> i like mini workouts, just the concept, it doesn't seem so daunting.

>> you don't do it long enough to be bored.

>> your body can push hard for a minute, but not 60 minutes . when you break it down you can get a good workout out of super-short, super effective.

>> for cardio? what's a good length for a cardio exercise?

>> you can hit a point where it back-fires, as your body gets used to the long efforts, it starts getting more efficient, it burns fewer calories.

>> and it wants more and more, you have to feed the beast.

>> if you shake it up and do 20 minutes and do intervals -- and do a high intensity for 60 seconds .

>> i saw a girl in the gym on the treadmill, she would sprint for 60 seconds and then walk.

>> it's like the recovery, you go up and down.

>> and doing the elliptical, my knees were starting to hurt. i'm loving it.

>> you can swim, bike.

>> you can do what you want to do.

>> trust me, i know.

>> so show us some of these things. well a great one-minute workout, the burpee. nothing is better than this. it will work, it literally works nearly every muscle throughout your body.

>> how many should you do?

>> you do as many as you can in 60 seconds .

>> and this is a modification.

>> if it gets too hard, you can step your feet back. if that's too easy, you can add a jump.

>> if you have a minute, what else can you do?

>> go, sara .

>> if you have five minutes, can you do a great ab exercise. a lot of people do crunches, but instead this is a great move called the stability ball rollout. you'll entire keep your entire core nice and tight. just pushing out the arms.

>> this is shaking, i love that.

>> the focus is pushing out your arms and pulling it back.

>> that's a great move.

>> sara 's favorite is the stability ball pike this one is terrific. you're going to get into a push-up position. you can hold this if it's too hard. sara will come up into a pike and come back down. butt, back, shoulder, legs.

>> any one of those three done for one minute.

>> you're going to do ten reps of these, you're not going to overdo it.

>> sara is done for the day.

>> you look how tired you are, too.

>> my heart is racing right