TODAY   |  April 02, 2013

5 travel secrets you should know

Sarah Spagnolo from Travel + Leisure magazine suggests you travel in May to avoid big crowds and fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays for the best deals. She also explains why Twitter is a useful tool when heading to the airport.

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>>> back on this booze-day tuesday, insider tip on where and when it get the best values on your next trip.

>> sara spagnuolo from "travel and leisure" magazine.

>> you're going to give us tips.

>> the first tip is to consider traveling in may. it's shoulder season.

>> what's shoulder season?

>> it's when you're in between seasons, you'll pay significantly. the caribbean and key west , may is a great time to go. two deals, one is cape cod , the ocean edge resort. here you're going to pay $129 a night for this great hotel. overlooking the water. it will be an extra $130, more than twice as much if you travel there in july. another great resort, if you're thinking about a mountain destination, aspen, colorado, in the wintertime --

>> you never get deals in aspen.

>> it's true, you could pay $450 a night in the wintertime. if you travel in may $119. hiking, fishing.

>> a lot of people are looking for a hotel, they want to find the best deal. sometimes you go on whatever hotel finders or find ways -- is there a better way to get a good deal?

>> there are two great ideas. the first is a reverse booking site. you input your information, your dates, how much you want to pay. backbid will send you emails and hotels will bid on where you're going to stay. they'll tell you the hotel.

>> he get an email that says, you wanted to go to l.a., pay less than $250? you'll get an email --

>> they're fighting for your business. awesome.

>> you see exactly where you're going to stay.

>> what about the other one?

>> tingo. if you're familiar with orbitz price assurance, if you're anxious. book through tingo, it will monitor your hotel rate it will rebook and reimburse you on your credit card , it won't make the change if there's a change fee. so you can rest assured you'll pay less.

>> what about flights?

>> this is a general secret, which is that there are a few specific days, saturday, tuesday, and wednesday are less popular days to fly. so if you can fly on those days you're just generally going to pay less.

>> and more seats available.

>> and internationally if you can leave on a tuesday and return on a wednesday, same thing. you're often going to pay less.

>> what about twitter? you said twitter can help you? how.

>> you can follow your favorite airlines and your hotel groups, they'll promote deals that you can't find anywhere else and sign up for an airline eh blast. i got one from jetblue, $65 from here to syracuse. i was paying attention to that, my alma mat nert ncaa championship if i wanted to be there to celebrate -- i could go there for $65.

>> look at you doing the subtle plug.

>> amazing.

>> unbelievable.

>> sara , unbelievable.

>> who's better than sara ?

>> nobody.