TODAY   |  April 02, 2013

Oops! KLG reveals Cassidy’s cell number to America

Kathie Lee Gifford tells Hoda Kotb that her daughter Cassidy wasn’t too happy with her after KLG mistakenly held up her cell phone yesterday, revealing the phone number to millions of TODAY viewers.

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>>> hey, everybody, so glad you're with us today, it's booze-day tuesday, you've been waiting for it. we know you. it's april 2nd .

>> thank god, april fool 's day is so over.

>> you got in big trouble .

>> i did.

>> it happened on our program.

>> on april fool 's day, but it was real.

>> just so you, i don't know if you saw our show yesterday, but i'm assuming you did. kath's phone started ringing in the show.

>> i love you, you're on the air right now, say hello to america.

>> it's cassidy.

>> what, honey? can i call you after the show? i love you, just glad you made it home after the show.

>> love you, peanut.

>> ah, that was worth it.

>> it looked like you talked with your daughter, so what?

>> but what the mother of the peanut didn't understand is when she held up the phone, like an idiot so you could hear her better, that makes a lot of sense, my mike is here. i'm thinking the camera is closer, there are no microphones on the camera.

>> that wasn't the problem, here'sed problem.

>> the problem was -- that her telephone number was for all the world to see.

>> and -- her phone started ringing and ringing and ringing. i'm sorry, so sorry

>> i had to beg for forgiveness, she's had that same phone number since eighth grade. it took like an hour to get a new one. and finally around 6:00 last night she let me out of the doggie house and she called me and said, i have forgiven you, mom, this number is a lot easier to remember. so i tell it to you now. wait in your blake is almost 20 years old and wait until your blake wants to fly the coop and be independent. and mr. know it all.

>> something is getting weird.

>> wait a minute, excuse me, miss egyptian goddess . what do we have over here?

>> bobbie thomas has been bored with my repeat wardrobe. so she put something in there as a surprise.

>> good for her for thinking you could wear that color. really. good for bobbie. because you carry it off, hoda, you do, you look great.

>> gretchen wilson , she sings that song, " redneck woman " she's got three new cds out -- three. one is, she's going to sing off of her new one and she's got another one coming out, an old song and then a christmas album . and then also, omarosa is here.

>> a lovely, lovely woman.

>> what's going on behind you? up and down, up and down -- omarosa is here.

>> i saw her and she's in a good mood.

>> i don't think so. we'll have to wait and see.

>> you know hoda, you've become far too cynical in life this is a woman who has seen the error of her ways and she's a new human being .

>> she got fired, it was shown recently. but it actually happened, i guess a while ago.

>> i think last fall.

>> we're going to talk to her about all kinds of things. you were very busy last night, weren't you?

>> apparently i was extremely busy. a couple of weeks ago i was out in los angeles and doing a spot with chelsea handler . and she asked if i would do her after "lately".

>> when does that show come on?

>> late, after the other one. and later, too late for a woman like me to be up for it. i thought since i was there, i would ask for an in-person apology from her, and i got one. until -- she asked me for a favor. her friend and fellow comedienne, heather come on our show for a return visit. this is what happened.

>> can't you just put her on there?

>> it's not as easy as that. it's the today show , it's not the kathie lee show.

>> but you have your own hour.

>> we do, we do --

>> i don't think it will be a big deal for you to get them on.

>> i should be able to get anybody on, i wish it was like that. i smell classy.

>> first of all, you can't smell class.

>> oh yeah, you can.

>> i don't smell it in here.

>> then go smell it where else, okay. i know how you book a television show . please don't pretend that you can't have her on --

>> i've had it, you cannot be on the show. you can thank her for it. and you, lady, are going to be the loneliest person in the world. the last day you're alive you're going to be in your bed all by yourself and that will be a first, won't it?

>> if that is not menopause, i do not know what is.

>> the feud -- the food -- i am hungry.

>> i had a bite of that pork chop . delicious. i want more of that pork chop . anyway, chelsea and i are still feuding.

>> let's talk about another feud that's going on. this is the feud that's been in the papers a lot. at this network. it involves jimmy falun and jay leno . and there's been a lot of talk like is the tonight show moving to new york . is jimmy going to host? what's going to happen?

>> and they've been stalked on the streets, i saw tmz stalking them.

>> they took matters into their own hands.

>> they had a little fun with it, didn't they?

>> take a look.

>> we're still friends, right?

>> take a look.

>> we're still friends, right?

>> yeah, of course we're still friends. tonight , tonight , who's gonna host to tonight is it gonna be jimmy or jay tonight , tonight where will they tape tonight in new york, will it stay in l.a. tonight , tonight my ratings were all right 20 years and i'm still in first place tonight , tonight i've got fox on the line or will i take over for jay

>> do a good show, jim

>> i will, and jay -- thanks.

>> wow, what about the end?

>> i didn't hear it.

>> jerry brought over the pork chop and i missed what he said.

>> good-bye.

>> thank you, jerry, that was so kind.

>> are those good?

>> those are so good. what did he say when he said, hey, jay -- what did jay say to him? have a good show?

>> yes.

>> that's it?

>> that's it, you missed nothing.

>> isn't that delicious?

>> and what happened on "the voice" last night?

>> blind auditions, one of them was this texas college kid, she looked kind of scared, a little bit nervous, she was with her parents. she got out there and killed it. her name is holly tucker, take a look.

>> wow, that's a stunning voice. hoda, was that the mother and father who seemed like they were from the real country .

>> they said when she was younger they used to sing "amazing grace" together and they would try to let their daughter when she was younger, hit their pitch and all of a sudden they realized, oh, my god she's harmonizing.

>> good for her.

>> is shakira getting people?

>> she got somebody yesterday. it seems like i haven't really kept track of all the people. but it seems like her team needs a little strengthening.

>> slees got a couple more weeks to go with this blind audition stuff. great, great. you know what we're wearing today, guys? this is a very special day, this is autism month. an incredible organization called autism speaks .

>> autism speaks . which was founded by suzanne and bob wright . who were big part of our family here for many, many years this is called the blue garden candle by nest fragrances, 20% of the proceeds go to autism speaks . i am wearing my -- my speaks pin in solidarity. where's yours, hodie?

>> i couldn't find it.

>> there they all are. a great, great group of people. i think what's great about this group we're having on is a lot of parents, even though a lot of children have autism, they still feel kind of alone and there are ways you can connect on the internet or social media .

>> hello, sara, if you would like along with sara, that pork chop recipe, go to