TODAY   |  April 02, 2013

Al Roker, Michelle Obama bust a move

TODAY’s Al Roker and the first lady were a hit as they cooked – and danced – together at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. But President Obama showed his game could use some work on the basketball court when he threw 20 missed shots.

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>> he had a better offer.

>> he was previously committed committed -- to an institution.

>> but i got out.

>> he went to the easter egg roll and morphed into another segment.

>> yeah, i was cooking with ann burrell and first lady and all of a sudden we broke into " put a little love in your heart ."

>> looks great.

>> inspiring.

>> ann burrell said put a little love in your food and we kind of --

>> after my singing at the white house , you held your own there.

>> she knew all the words.

>> you should have gone into " sweet caroline ."

>> i did and jay leno lip synced for me.

>> first we were showing a couple moments ago the president had a rough day in sports, 2 for 22 with the home crowd watching, it reminded me, he's seen better days , back in 2008 on the campaign trail he was in kuwait, there you see him not making it. there was this --

>> we'll show it. he makes a three-pointer on the second try so maybe that accounts for why he was so confident yesterday and kept shooting them.

>> it is, when that many people are standing around you and you know there are cameras from everywhere, that is hard to make a shot like that.

>> i would have given up or not even tried.

>> exactly.

>> that's why i'm not president.