TODAY   |  April 02, 2013

Princeton grad to female students: Find husbands

TODAY’s Professionals – Star Jones, Donny Deutsch, and Dr. Nancy Snyderman – chat about the topics making headlines, including a controversial op-ed piece by a Princeton graduate urging young female students to focus on finding husbands while at school.

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>>> we're back, 8:09, star jones , donny deutsch and dr. sansy snyderman, let's talk about kevin ware and the horrific injury in the game louis silver success duke, he was the guard who went down trying to block the shot, with the compound fracture of his leg. he went down on the sideline and in the 45 seconds that followed him falling to the ground cbs stayed on a shot from the waist up. in the control room they're trying to figure out what they have in terms of a replay. 45 seconds later they show us two replays from different angles. how did you think cbs handled it?

>> initially i thought they did very well. obviously during a live broadcast of a sporting event , you follow what the action is on the court, but then they made a good decision to only shoot him from the waist up and also to get the great reactions from the fans and the players.

>> donny?

>> i thought they handle d it perfectly. in reality you're showing a news event. they're taking it in for the first time and once they saw it the second time, wow, they pulled back so i don't think from cbs 's point of view they could have done much differently.

>> nancy, let me say this, they had the 45 seconds and before they replayed that shot the first time, they did not, however, say to the audience, "if you missed it, what you're about to see is horrific." they did not warn the audience. how did you feel?

>> i don't think they had to warn the audience. here's why. all had to do is look at the silence, the look on people's faces, the fact that the color commentator said people have become visibly ill looking at this, and i was watching the game live, looked down and didn't see t looked up, i wanted to see it. i admit as a physician i also wanted to see it. i thought they handled it judiciously. this is now a news event.

>> they have that incredible decision to make, what people should see and what people cannot handle seeing.

>> the answer is, guess what? they're not making a decision because the reality is it's out there. so we talk about now what tv can do and where you can't control it and where the genie goes out of the bottle.

>> that happened at halftime, they made the announcement they weren't going to run the replays anymore.

>> my whole point is tv does not control the universe.

>> decisions were made at the moment this injury happened.

>> you still have to treat it like a news event, show it and put it in context. they have seven or eight minutes of dead silence and they let it play out appropriately. plaud them.

>> and you don't replay it again and again because then you're using it for your own purposes.

>> i agree with you all. i think they handled it beautifully. let's move on to a trial that's beginning out in los angeles today, katherine jackson bringing suit against aig live, the company that was promoting michael jackson 's concert tour at the time he died. it's a wrongful death lawsuit, among the things that she is claiming is negligent hiring of dr. conrad murray , the man who is serving four years in prison right now for involuntary manslaughter. the price tag we're hearing of this lawsuit, $40 billion. go ahead.

>> well, i can tell you that that's the only cause of action that's still there is negligent hiring . lot of them have already been dismissed. in essence the company hired conrad murray , conrad murray was an employee of the company. he didn't do his job effectively and so the family, the estate is suing.

>> did michael jackson want conrad murray ?

>> yes, absolutely. there's no question as to whether or not michael jackson wanted conrad murray but who was conrad murray , the boss, excuse me, the employee of? was he michael jackson 's employee or was he aig's employee. that's the argument.

>> we're already off the point i'm trying to make sheehere $40 billion.

>> okay, you want me to go for the money.

>> this shows the ridiculousness of our legal system, there are no boundaries and regulations of what somebody can do in a suit.

>> you can sue for it. it doesn't mean you'll get it.

>> to put the number out there is absurd.

>> why bother? they have more money from his estate they can spend in his lifetime.

>> katherine says she believes this is the money her son might have made if he had stayed alive.

>> she's wrong.

>> if you said i'm going to sue and this money is going to go to a foundation that will do blah, blah, blah, fine but to have more money to spend on yourself no.

>> a lot of talk lately about women in the workplace, having it all, not having it all, leaning in, leaning out, all kinds of things. former princeton university student is now in an op-ed in the newspaper urging female students in the school to worry less about the workplace and having it all and concentrate on finding a husband now. "forget about having it all or not having it all, leaning in or leaning out. here's what nobody else is telling you. find a husband on campus before you graduate. yes, i went there." she's saying that the women , the students, female students at princeton will never have a better pool of worthy partners than they are seeing right now at princeton .

>> i live in princeton . princeton university and princeton the town are a very cohesive place and this has been the buzz since last week.

>> what do you think about it?

>> class of '77.

>> what do you think?

>> as a public school kid who has only been to public schools and as close as i've ever gotten to the university is stepping across nassau street , arrogant, class of '77, thought she might have leaned a little bit more but made pejorative comments about her husband at the university. she said you'll never find anybody who is as smart as you.

>> you're missing, i actually think there's a lot of wisdom in there, two thoughts in there. number one what she is saying when you are in saying you're in a more like-minded --

>> she's not saying that.

>> let me finish. you're in a more like-minded situation and so many men for the first 12, 14 years of their career, career, career, and 30s about getting married. women if you want to get career, career, think partner early on.

>> star, focus is for women on career and many of those same women are going to be left at the age of 30 falling short in the area of finding a great partner.

>> i'll take the other side because i know so many women now in the 40 to 50 range who focused solely on the career and there is no better pool of men than the men that you're going to meet in college.

>> i cannot believe what i'm hearing.

>> sorry, there's a much better pool of everybody --

>> but first of all what are you going to do with this guy you meet if you get married at 22?

>> it might be a nice time to meet somebody at that point in college.

>> meet them and go on birth control but don't get married.

>> guys --

>> i'm sitting here as a 50-year-old without children. i can tell you that they really do resent it.

>> the important message for young women --

>> never let them out of the house.

>> no, it's not either/or and don't wait until your mid-30s to say now it's time.

>> this woman, susan patton has two children, one graduated from princeton , the other son is in princeton right now. has she helped his dating prospects this year?

>> negative.

>> or hurt him with this article?

>> he's a celebrity now.

>> i love this university, i love my town. it has been all the buzz but you guys, last week we were talking about leaning in and having women at the table.

>> there's no problem with being at the table.

>> you can do both.

>> nancy being a feminist is not saying you can't do this. it's allowing you to do it all.

>> star --

>> and to choose what works for people.

>> equal opportunity and equal pay for the equal job and you don't get it when you get married at 19.

>> excuse me, i know several women who did.

>> sorry, star. oh, man.

>> donny, we'll talk about the yankees right after this.

>> don't level me out of