TODAY   |  April 02, 2013

Laura Dern: ‘Jurassic Park 3D’ is ‘awe-inspiring’

Actors Sam Neill and Laura Dern, stars of the 1993 blockbuster “Jurassic Park,” marvel over the fact that it has been 20 years since they filmed the movie and discuss the new 3-D version, which Dern calls “phenomenal.”

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>> can you believe it?

>> does it seem like 20 years. has it gone by quick

>> i.

>> seems like yesterday.

>> does it really?

>> i'm so looking forward to being in 3-d because i felt so two-dimensional 20 years ago.

>> the good news is you're in 3-d, the bad news is you're in 3-d, right at the audience with the tyrannosaurus rex . have you seen it in.

>> i've seen it, sam hasn't seen it yet. it's phenomenal. it's such, i was saying to sam i remembered getting to experience what a great film it is but the 3-d is awe-inspiring.

>> when you think about it, sam , 20 years ago with technology in the effects in this movie were ground-breaking. did it really even need 3-d?

>> well, laura says she's sitting there.

>> what was the impression of his mom in 3-d?

>> probably overwhelming which is why my 8-year-old hasn't seen it because mom in peril is a bit awkward, but it's extraordinary, not just the terrifying consequences but it's such an awe-inspiring movie because it was so ground-breaking.

>> when you were shooting it, did you know this was the start of something very big, sam ?

>> well, it was a sort of intersection of various technologies coming but most of all it was stephen who is such a master at suspense and thrills, you know. kind of a bunch of things came together, and it's become iconic really, you know. it's become engrained in the culture in a strange way.

>> any time you make a movie that is so laden with special effects it presents challenges. talk to me about some of those, laura .

>> what was incredible, unlike other films, where perhaps you go to work, you do your job and then later you see the movie and you see the effects, we were all there together as collaborators and a team. dennis mirren and ilm, stan winston and the anamatronics, going how are we going to do this because it hadn't been done. it felt like a family as opposed to actors separate from the effects experience.

>> it was a surreal adventure, not just for that reason we also went through a hurricane.

>> we survived the hurricane together.

>> where was the shoot?

>> kauai.

>> i remember standing on a beach with laura , she said do you think we're going to be all right, sam ? i said i think we might die, laura , and she laughed, and we didn't die but you know the whole -- clearly we're here but --

>> how long did it shut down shooting?

>> completely.

>> destroyed all our sets, we had to go back to l.a.

>> from what i hear, sam , when the movie was being cast you nailed the part and they cast you immediately. laura did you know there were a lot of other young actresses going for the role of ellie satler, and did you see the tape we ran the other day on the show?

>> i didn't. i didn't and i didn't know. i just felt grateful for stephen picking me.

>> i want to see sam who you might have been opposite of. look at these two actresses.

>> maybe it's ritual behavior, species specific behavior that ideas them to one another.

>> did you get a effect from the tranquillizers?

>> yes.

>> could have been gwyneth paltrow , could have been helen hunt , sam .

>> i'm a lucky girl. you ruined their careers is what you did.

>> wow. two brilliant girls, i'm very lucky.

>> i can't wait to see this in 3-d, i can't