TODAY   |  April 02, 2013

Kim Jong Un vows to re-open nuclear bomb facility

As the U.S. deploys a Navy missile destroyer in case of a launch by North Korea, the country’s leader Kim Jong Un has abolished an armistice with South Korea and is now saying he will re-open a nuclear bomb facility that was closed in 2007. NBC’s Richard Engel reports.

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>>> "today" on tuesday morning, i'm somethiavannah guthrie.

>> i'm matt lauer . north korea announcing it's stepping up its enrichment of rue rain yum which will only serve to escalate tensions.

>> richard engel is monitoring the situation from seoul, richard, good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah. north korea says it will reopen those closed nuclear facilities just days after promising to never give up its nuclear weapons , to never bargain them. as the u.s. dploiz more military hardware, including a navy missile destroyer diverted in case of a launch from north korea the secretive government in pyongyang isn't backing down but escalating. north korea 's young leader kim jong -un has abolished an armistice with south korea , celebrated his country's nuclear weapons and today vowed to overturn diplomacy by reopening a facility used to make fuel for nuclear bombs . the nuclear facility at nyongbyon was closed in 2007 after international talks involving washington. back then its cooling tower was destroyed as a sign of good faith that it wouldn't operate again. that's changed and north korea says a five mega watt reactor and uranium enrichment facility at nyongbyon will go back online creating enough plutonium for one bomb a year. north korea says it's to boost electricity and quality and quantity of its nuclear weapons . north korea says it has nuclear weapons it's ready to use and the world must just accept it. the united states is not acceptable with this and weighs heavily on south koreans who have to live in the shadow of a neighbor that openly declares its hostility. the government of seoul is increasingly concerned promising to respond to any aggression with force. it's unclear how long it will take for north korea to get the nyongbyon facility up and running. north korea says in part it's for electricity. the problem is the plant has never been attached to the power grid . matt?

>> richard engel thank you very