TODAY   |  April 02, 2013

Fallon, Leno croon: Who’s going to host ‘Tonight’

Amid rumors that Jimmy Fallon will take over “The Tonight Show” from Jay Leno, the two comedians showed the love they have for one another with a special rendition of a classic song.

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>>> will jimmy fallon really replace jay leno as host of "the tonight show ." last night the two came together using humor and singing to address the rumors. take a look.

>> hey, jay.

>> hey, kid. how are you holding up?

>> okay, i guess. you?

>> yeah, i'll live. i've been through this before, you know. got to admit i get a little sick of all this.

>> jay, could i ask you something? we're still friends, right?

>> yeah. of course we're still friends. tonight , tonight , who's gonna host tonight is it gonna be jimmy or jay tonight , tonight , where will they tape tonight in new york, will it stay in l.a. tonight , tonight , my ratings were all right 20 years and i'm still in first place tonight , tonight , i've got back on the line, only i could take over for dave

>> jimmy, it's time.

>> i got to go, jay.

>> do a good show, jimmy.

>> i will, and jay?

>> yeah.

>> thanks.

>> i love it. that was the skit, it was funny but also very touching i thought.

>> it raises more questions than it probably answers, but i think what needs to be said is that jay leno , despite all of the things he's had to read in the paper is an incredible sport to take part in that, a class act.

>> speaks to their friendship and potentially he's a wonderful singer, this side of the desk really thinks that was jay leno singing. natalie?

>> parts of it i think were jay and other parts i think were the third tenor perhaps. placido domingo .

>> i sung opera with jay and i think that's really his voice. i think he's hamming it up.

>> you sung opera with jay?