TODAY   |  April 01, 2013

Trendy prom dresses for under $100

With prom season quickly approaching, Ann Shoket from Seventeen magazine shows how you can get a beautiful, trendy, and affordable dress for the prom attendee in your life.

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>>> time for today's style and the hottest prom dresses mom and daughter will love. here's the best part, all for $100 or less.

>> and editor and chief of "17" is here with the most affordable styles.

>> let's dive right in. let's start with a retro look. we have connie coming out. that's adorable.

>> sweet as sugar. this look is really hot for prom. very retro, very taylor swift . this dress is $59.

>> where?

>> b. darling at macy's.

>> that is so cute.

>> you just need a couple of little bits of accessories and she's got the nice retro poof and the bow.

>> so age-appropriate.

>> girlie boho.

>> look at this.

>> this was made for dancing. this is dress is going to be super sweet when you swirl on the floor. there are some dresses where you obsess about the shoes and you never see them. this is a long dress where you see the shoes. the shoes are important, you need a pop of color absolutely. she's going to look amazing.

>> this dress is $8 7 at

>> coming up, jorlenne.

>> she is hollywood head to toe .

>> all of these celebrities are wearing marchesa br georgina chapman and this is pearl by georgina chapman for jcpenney. it's got the great fun ombre, very fun these days.

>> i love your hair done that way.

>> so sweet.

>> we tweeted her braid.

>> its got its own fan page.

>> we're going to the chic, with katie anne.

>> wow.

>> this dress is a little bit revealing. but not too bad.

>> not really.

>> the best part, can you turn around and show the back, a little keyhole peek in the back.

>> i think the dress is great if you're going to multiple proms, because the dress is $47.

>> wow.

>> beautiful. all right. now the glam trend, we've got cammy.

>> cammy is our grand finale . she's over the top glam.

>> that's a sparkle dress and you just pile on the sparkle to make this dress really over the top . gorgeous. this dress is $100 at a cool, trendy british retailer. i can't believe you found these dresses all for