TODAY   |  April 01, 2013

She lost 200 pounds with help from Facebook

TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer introduces Tanee Janusz as the newest member of the Joy Fit Club. Tanee lost a whopping 200 pounds thanks to diet, exercise and support from the 13,000 followers on her Facebook page.

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>>> it is time for another installment of the look at me now, the joy fit club .

>> our newest member is 37-year-old tamee janice, lost a whopping 200 pounds and changed her whole life. let's take look at her story.

>> my name is tanie janice and i once weighed 360 pounds, was morbidly obese throughout my teen and adult life. my lowest point came when my oldest son, who has asbergers, darted out into a store parking lot . i couldn't catch him, but luckily a gentleman grabbed him for me. i beat myself up for it not being able to save your child is terrifying. i couldn't walk to the store, much less run after a 6-year-old. i finally decided to make a change. after attending a convention and listening to various motivational speakers. i did research and decided that the weight watchers core plan was a good fit for me. i did that for the majority of my weight loss . i didn't start working out right away. but eventually i started walking and working out in a pool. i grew stronger as time went on. today i teach fitness classes like zumba and i'm a personal trainer. i love being active. in total i've lost 200 pounds, went from a size 32, to a size 6. i have done it without any surgery, magic pills, shakes or voodoo. and that makes it much sweeter to me.

>> so great.

>> what a great story.

>> no voodoo, as she says.

>> a new orleans girl, right?

>> like so many people, emotional eating was her biggest issue and it wasn't until she started substituting the food for exercise in order to destress that the weight started to fall off. i'm going to show you two really cool food strategies that she does. so she's a new orleans gal. she loves gumbo.

>> what's better? nothing.

>> instead of doing the gumbo over a big bed of white rice , she makes cauliflower rice, she rises it and puts it into a skillet and cooks it up. from 690 calories to 235.

>> that's really good.

>> that's fantastic.

>> instead of putting boring bland plates out with low-cal food, she jazzes it up on smaller plates. lots of color, you sort of trick your brain into thinking you're eating something way more app advertising.

>> let's look at tanee before. okay, come join the joy fit club . come on out.

>> oh, my gosh. wow! yes!

>> now look at you. hi, how are you?

>> can you believe this?

>> congratulations.

>> it's amazing.

>> how long, you did the weight watchers . how long did it take to you peel off all of those pounds.

>> three years.

>> did it come off quickly first and then it was a little bit slower, is that how it works?

>> i lost my first 100 pounds in nine months and then it went slower.

>> some people quit when they hit a plateau.

>> but that's a great accomplishment. you kept going, good for you.

>> it's hard to say no