TODAY   |  April 01, 2013

5 DIY renovations that add value to your home

Scott McGillivray, host of “Income Property” on HGTV, explains how a few simple DIY projects like putting in new flooring and switching out the knobs on your cabinets can help add value to your home.

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it's time to take you into today's home to find out the five do it yourself renovations that can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home.

>> here to show us how it is done is scott mcgillivrey.

>> you were close.

>> how many syllables are in it?

>> that's a question i'm not ready to answer.

>> he's a scotsman.

>> so what are we doing?

>> we'll make an attempt to have both of you try to do some of these value-added renovations. few things that can add value to your home.

>> such as what, scott m mcgillivrey.

>> such as new flooring. the gloves are on.

>> you see things in front of you and you go to town.

>> that's the way we roll.

>> put your goggles on, why not. what we're doing is a couple of different things, what we'll do is start right here. this is something really cool. can i take your notes for a second. great. this here is a piece of vinyl. yes. you look --

>> you look scared.

>> i've seen vinyl before and it's a nice, alternative to real wood. it's much more affordable.

>> you should have your own show.

>> i know.

>> you're very good at this.

>> and don't you think i'm a good actress. do it, scott !

>> vinyl plank is a type of flooring, it's got a very low profile . very thin. now typically you'd have to glue these products down. this is something new. you don't glue it at all. because of the weight and because of the pattern on the back, which will look crazy on the camera, it's called loose lay. you put it down and you're done.

>> really?

>> you don't line it up perfectly. that's the whole key.

>> you don't? why?

>> you like to stagger it a little bit. it looks distressed like barn board.

>> where is this going?

>> not on the wall.

>> i don't even know.

>> it's called flooring.

>> let's move it along.

>> something that's been around for a while. how are we going to get through this with you two. laminate floors, your click floors, go together like that, they float. this is your standard hardwood, this has been around a long time. tongue and groove, a nail-down application. hardwood floors are one of the most requested types of flooring in any home. so you're always going to add value with that it usually has to be installed by a professional.

>> and you have to put time into that. a week with all the different sanding and drying and --

>> this is prefinished, no problems, slap it down. you can do a basement, a main floor in a couple of hours. you're hiring the wrong people. that's why i'm here for you. i'm here.

>> i feel so much better now. okay. carpet.

>> we've got to move it, babe. a minute to go.

>> carpet tiles, they took down with double-sided tape. than laying a full room of carpet wall to wall .

>> cabinets, people talk about how do i get the biggest bang for my buck. kitchen renovations are huge, but if you don't have a lot to spend, replace the hardware.

>> see this, this is hideous. if you don't have time? i want to show you how easy it is to remove. boom. i just removed. and --

>> we're down here.

>> well, hi there.

>> welcome to --

>> you want to get to the toilets. you should have gone to the bathroom before the segment.

>> you're so funny, okay.

>> different types of tile. you know i'm a bit of an old-fashioned guy. so i like to use the wall mastic. this is how we used to do it. you trowel on your walls like this. because we have very little time . i'll show you how a tile sticks to there. i would do it level, aappropriately. real simple steps this is kind of different. the way that backsplashes are going -- sticky tile. no mastic.

>> you better get that right.

>> you get one shot and it's over.

>> tough to take out. it's actually a lot easier than you think.

>> of course i'm wrong again.

>> oh, right.

>> but i'm not wrong about toilets, i can tell a toilet when i see one.

>> you know a toilet when you see one. after the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most valuable rooms in the house. if this is what your toilet looks like, ladies, what do you think?

>> it has a few dings.

>> a lot of use.

>> if you have something like this in your house it's probably worth changing it over to this. this is about the only thing you need to buy to replace a toilet.

>> really?

>> it's called a wax seal . what we do is undo the two bolts, lift the toilet up, put in a new wax seal . this toilet here is about $140.