TODAY   |  April 01, 2013

Makeovers for frizzy, damaged and way too long hair

Hair stylist to the stars Louis Licari gives hair makeovers to three women, including a new mom who was “using her hair as a blanket.”

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>>> we're back with more of "today" with some help for your hair if if you've been wearing the same old style for decades because you're afraid to try something new. we'll give you some confidence.

>> who better to come to the rescue than "today" contributor and stylist to the show, louis liccari -- louisly karri la la la la la

>> revamp your look, that's the biggest trend. sometimes it's going lighter, sometimes it's going darker. but this is definitely a time, time to perk your looks up.

>> let's look at diane day. she's a canine police officer from new york. she wants a makeover because she just turned 50 and she's sick of it. she wants a reboot.

>> look at diane's before. her hair is yellow, making her skin look very red. watch what we did.

>> let's see.

>> wow, so much better.

>> look how pretty you look.

>> hello!

>> thank you.

>> i made her hair a little bit darker. look what it did to her complexion. the hair color working with complexion. hair color , makeup. this is vanessa's great hair cut . this hair cut was fine, fun, she can still wear it curly on the weekends, but it has style. what a better look.

>> reboot, baby.

>> thank you.

>> next up, melissa brohmberg, 37 years old from plainview, new york.

>> she just had a baby.

>> but that's more than nine months worth.

>> she wants to change it up.

>> what's with her.

>> she's drowning in that hair. that's just using her hair as a blanket. it's beautiful hair, but really, what's the point, right?

>> we have here's a look at her before. let's see the new melissa . wow. that is sexy hair.

>> thank you.

>> if you see what we do for melissa . she wanted to be a long hair girl. she is a long hair girl. she's a long hair girl with style. she shaped it, kept it long. she can do whatever she wants. i took her hair color and i gave highlights and texture to her hair. it helps it not look so bulky.

>> i love it.

>> she's going to be pregnant very soon with that hair. you better be careful.

>> we talked about that. we'll see ha happens in a few months.

>>> last up we have lori brown . 50-year-old teacher from the bronx, a single mom . she's busy all the time with everybody else, puts everyone first, tell us about lori .

>> lori just let her hair go.

>> i've been there.

>> she has a sick mom. she works. she is a single mom . this girl son the go, 24/7 and she has the best attitude, she's one of the sweetest ladies we've ever met. come on, lori , got to see you.

>> yeah! what happened here.

>> the first thing i did is i got rid of her gray hair and we controlled the hair, her hair was totally out of control. we controlled it. and all of a sudden --

>> when you say that, are you sort of a kareratin treatment?

>> it was just a blow-dry, but she's a perfect candidate for keratin. when you color african-american hair, keep it subtle. this is the most fragile of all the hair. to make everything work together on all the models, and just sort of bronzy glow. again, head start on summer. vanessa did the hair cut and the blow dry and --

>> you look beautiful.

>> you all look terrific.

>> don't they?

>> nice job.

>> see you thursday, doll babe.

>> see you then.