TODAY   |  April 01, 2013

Lohan parties in Brazil before heading to rehab

The Huffington Post’s Rob Shuter fills Kathie Lee and Hoda in on some of the top headlines from Hollywood, including Lindsay Lohan’s partying in Brazil, a top music manager speaking out about Justin Bieber’s behavior, and Chris Brown saying he’s a changed man.

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>>> we're back with today's buzz and why some people think justin bieber needs a little spanking and with all the scoop is rob.

>> chris brown is a big deal .

>> everybody has been trying to get the interview. matt lauer locked it down. it's the first interview he has done since getting back with hee rihanna and the entrance on the plaza was amazing.

>> do you think he'll stay on the straight and narrow ?

>> i think he is. when you sit down and do that kind of interview and are that thoughtful. we hope that he means it he's had a long time to think about it it didn't just happen and he blurted this out. he really thought about this. so i believe him.

>> what's up with justin bieber? the monkey? what's going on?

>> it really is -- stuff that's happening there that is quite scary. he had his monkey confiscated in germany, very unusual.

>> they don't want you with a monkey.

>> you need a permit. he was a couple of hours late for a concert.

>> that's just unprofessional. he knows better.

>> people are worried about him and now a big manager in london who represents a huge rock band says if he's not careful his career will be over in three years. what you don't realize is he's the head of a multimillion-dollar company. so you have to be really careful. this is a business. a lot of pressure, but a lot of people depend on this business.

>> unfortunately so many of the people that are directly around him are not telling him what he needs to do.

>> tell us about lindsay lohan .

>> before she goes to rehab, she was paid $100,000 to go to brazil and endorse a clothing company. she's been seen out three nights in a row.

>> underneath the deejay table at one of them. with a cut knee because of glass under there.

>> i think once again talk about people you surround yourself with. her advisers said this is a way to earn a lot of money very quickly. so she took the money and she's in brazil.

>> beyonce is going to hit the road.

>> i love this story.

>> that one song -- "bow down."

>> a little weird.

>> removed it. it was a little tease to see how we felt about it beyonce is going on a 44-city tour, taking her baby with her to every one of those cities. she even had a little picture of where the baby would be sitting.

>> quit it, stop it.

>> we love you, rob shuter!