TODAY   |  April 01, 2013

Martha Stewart: I bake brownies with Snoop Dogg

The TODAY anchors, along with Martha Stewart, chat about the hot topics of the day and play a game of “two truths and a lie,” trying to guess which fun facts about one another are not so factual.

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>>> welcome to "today" on this monday morning, april 1st , 2013 . yes, it is april fool 's day, inside studio 1a i'm willie geist along with natalie morales . al is down in washington at the white house for the big easter egg roll and sticking around for the ride is the great martha stewart .

>> thank you.

>> martha , what is easter like at your house? are there peeps?

>> all the acoutrements were at the house.

>> grandkids?

>> i at love kids, lots of people, a sit-down lunch and so much food, but i baked and baked and baked and cooked and cooked and cooked. it was really nice and the weather held. we didn't have any rain. it started to spit rain at like 5:00 so everybody was gone by then.

>> it's a little bit like the white house ?

>> probably even nicer.

>> oh!

>> i'm going to say that, she's said it herself. let's ask about that, al is down there for the white house easter egg roll . what would you take, the white house or martha stewart 's house?

>> for the cooking i'd have to go with martha 's house.

>> definitely.

>> for the history, you can't, i mean this is a pretty good lawn. of course i've also got the presidents, the four presidents from the washington nationals here. don't you have opening day coming up? get going! get going! you got to get to the national stadium .

>> look at that, they actually listened, i love that. it's great, 13th white house easter egg roll , all kinds of stars going to be here, i'm going to get to help the first lady and chef ann borrell do cooking later and this is such great tradition, started way back in the 1800s on the grounds of the capitol and eventually moved here to the white house , and 30,000 folks will go through this before it's all over later this afternoon. the easter eggs are wooden, it's a collector's set you can get online but they're these wooden egg eggs they've got the president's signature and mrs. obama and one that has beau the dog, here it is, beau. everybody wants beau.

>> cute.

>> pretty cool.

>> i'm glad there's wooden eggs. i was worried somebody was spending that much time dooig 20,000 eggs.

>> they used to be real eggs but then i think during the bush years they came up with the wooden egg.

>> how do you roll them, with your fingers or --

>> no, no, they have little spatulas, little spoons, these long, kind of basically kitchen spoons and off they go, and the kids are rolling them. andy, can you, let me move this monitor for you. i think you can see. there they are. they keep going through, going through, going through t will be a fabulous day.

>> by the way i couldn't tell because of the puppet hands but i think abe lincoln just flipped you off behind you.

>> yeah, you know, abe and i, it's going to be on.

>> go ahead, al, get him pack.

>> we'll let you sort that out. we'll give you weather in a second. all right, al, thanks.

>>> let's get to our take two, this basketball injury yesterday everybody was talking about this morning, whether you're a fan of sports or not people glued to the final. louisville guard kevin ware , has had successful surgery on broken right leg, broke it in two places, recovering in indianapolis hospital where the game versus duke took place yesterday. horrifying doesn't do it justice. cbs sports spared us most of the replay.

>> did you see the bone sticking out?

>> just for a moment. the bone came through the skin as coach rick pitino described later, he said the first time he saw it he almost reflectively vomited. apparently some of the players did and it was the reactions of the other players that blew me away, they fell to their knees.

>> seeing them crying.

>> they won in his honor especially.

>> the fact they sent him the trophy at the hospital bed there's a picture of him this morning with the trophy.

>> that will make him recover quickly.

>> i have not seen a reaction from teammates and opposing players and coach mike krzyzews krzyzewski's players were stunned, on the ground weeping.

>> he just went for a typical jump and i don't know how he came down but i don't know if there was a fracture there already, perhaps a hairline fracture or something.

>> it incumbent' his day.

>> no.

>> nobody hit him, it just happened.

>> he had the surgery t will take about a year to recover so he'll probably red shirt and come back for a couple of years.

>> we wish him the best and hope he recovers well.

>> louisville won and move on to the final four.

>>> take three, let's have fun with april fool 's day, two truths and a lie, maybe you've played it before. each of us will say three things, the other two have to determine which --

>> usually there are drinks involved in this game, right? isn't this kind of boring take on it.

>> we have a stash over there.

>> exactly.

>> natalie, we'll start with you. we'll try to figure out which is a lie.

>> i made my on camera debut doing commercials. i won my high school talent competition singing bette midler 's "the rose" and finally i don't like spicy foods.

>> i feel like number three, i think she likes spicy food . do you think that's too lame?

>> you know her better than i do.

>> we'll say i don't like spicy foods.

>> no. come on, are you heard me sing?

>> that's what i was going to say.

>> it was close. let me just remind you, do we have the tape? can we queue the tape? i'll embarrass myself. take me out to the ball game , take me out to the crowd

>> i was at the white house as well, they never invited me back after that.

>> well, your lie was so elaborate i thought it had to be true.

>> as matt pointed out i had to look down at the words.

>> doubly terrible. let's go to martha 's.

>> okay, well now i am friends with snoop dogg .

>> of course you are.

>> i do yoga every day. and i am a terrible, mean boss.

>> is this a trick question?

>> number three is quite obviously a terrible lie.

>> a terrible lie.

>> you think so?

>> i think so.

>> defamatory.

>> you're right.

>> how did i know?

>> we know how you and the snoop are tight.

>> do you hang out a lot?

>> yeah, he has time for me. we like to bake brownies together.

>> i bet you do.

>> what's in those brownies?

>> they're green, they're green actually.

>> yeah, they are, baked goods . i was born in chicago. i lost a small part of my pinkie toe while working as a landscaper in college.

>> okay.

>> i once played -- stop laughing, it was a terrible incident -- i once played the only boy in the all-girls orphanage in a production of "annie."

>> i don't know.

>> i think he was born in new jersey.

>> i know he's from new jersey but i think there may be something to chicago so i'm guessing the pinkie toe. i think you have your toes.

>> we never see your feet.

>> thank god for that, no, you don't want to see that. is that the guess? you're correct.

>> i am correct, yeah, willie has his pinkie toe intact.

>> i was a landscaper. i lost a lot of people's flower beds but never my