TODAY   |  April 01, 2013

‘Man-overs’: Fixing male fashion faux pas

Whether you’re heading to the beach or prepping for a job interview, Tyler Thoreson of offers tips on how to feel good and look good.

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>> fast fixes for men's fashion faux pas , getting ready for the beach or a job interview , tyler thorsten is here to help you with your look.

>> great to be here.

>> big mistake guys make for spring.

>> the biggest mistake is not changing their wardrobes up. it's a new season, time to update the wardrobe. for guys it's time to upgrade it a little bit.

>> you've helped three guys, we'll do our before and after. let's start with a look for matthew before. what are we seeing here.

>> this is the quintessential spring wedding look, you might say circa 1998 . we all have this look in our back catalogue, it's a boxy blazer, the blousy khakis. it's time to update it. lot of guys think that casual equals contemporary. the suit is back. the suit is cool and that's the look.

>> matthew looks great. what did you do for him?

>> we have him in an olive cotton suit, great spring look, the color is a neutral, great for early spring and it breathes well. look at this guy. he looks fantastic, everything's put together, navy tie, navy shoes, a great spring wedding look, you can dress this up, you can dress it down with a polo, with sneakers.

>> matthew , you like it better than your blousy khakis. my favorite term. let's move on to jeremiah, the before, this is for a day at the beach, what's wrong with that picture?

>> it's blah. everything is a little bit too big, oversized, not a lot of effort put in here. we say effortless cool does take a little bit of effort. that's what we're going to upgrade here.

>> ger my why, what did you do for him?

>> put him in a shirt that fits, got shades because it's a day at the beach and a tote bag and my favorite piece of the look is the trunks. if you're in the market for swim trunks you want to look for a pair that can double as shorts. they're a little trimmer, a little classier and more versatile. you can wear them from the beach to the boardwalk and boat shoes instead of flip flops, if you skip the pedicure appointment.

>> get rid of the boy shorts ?

>> if you're a professional surfer do the boy shorts .

>> only for them. thank you, jeremiah. alex, we're talking job interview , here is the before. what is wrong with that picture?

>> the suit's too big. if you're going in for a job interview and it is job interview season coming up for young guys, the last thing you want to do is look like you raided your dad's closet. you want to look like the suit was made for you and you own it. we've created a look for the new economy for a lot of the jobs are happening in a creative tech fields, guys don't want to necessarily wear a suit. you want to dress in something more casual but shows the same amount of effort. he's definitely got the tie, the shirt, everything fits, gray blazer with the chino put together but he owns it and it's the kind of look that will really work for a lot of businesses where the jobs are happening.

>> you'll crush that job interview . you guys look great and always, not expensive either which