TODAY   |  April 01, 2013

TODAY anchors meet tricky opossum, milk snake

In honor of April Fool’s Day, wildlife expert Corbin Maxey introduces the TODAY anchors to a few crafty creatures who have adapted ways to fool their predators for survival.

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>>> this morning on "today's call of the wild " we're slib grating april fool 's day and animals adapted amazing strategies to stay alive and select few have gone one step further fooling their predators and potential prey.

>> this is so cool.

>> we have wildlife expert corbin maxxie.

>> this fooling predators because they play dead . they'll growl, show their teeth to potential predators like dogs, coyotes and foxes, belch, urinate, defecate and secrete a foul smelling odor from their behind.

>> which we saw a little while ago.

>> these are treats but it might be an april fool 's things. let me see if i can feed it a banana here. this is an animal ambassador from mercy wildlife county center in new jersey and she was rescued on the side of the road . possums are scavengers so when they see roadkill they eat it.

>> and be roadkill themselves.

>> we have the possum, now a milk snake .

>> who loves snakes?

>> not me. he can get in there.

>> hold it right here. you have to be careful f it gets a hold of you you'll be in serious trouble. april fool 's.

>> i love venom jokes.

>> red and black are nature's warning colors. when a predator sees that they're like stay away because they mimic a venomous snake . you want it, natalie?

>> no thank you.

>> if you're in central or south america , are you ready? see how it's twitching, isn't that cool? red touching black, friendly jack, red touching yellow, deadly fellow, only works some of the time although.

>> thanks.

>> it's a roll of the dice .

>> look at this turkey vulture .

>> this is a turkey vulture . they're one of the most important animals for our ecosystems.

>> they clean up animal decay.

>> over 60% and so many people hate them in africa and stuff, people try to poison them because they think they're bad but our world would be a garbage can if we did not have vultures no your world.

>> look at that mouth.

>> look at this, watch your fingers. this is one of my favorite animals, an alligator snapping turtle . it fools its prey. the only turtle in the world that has that. willie you want to hold it?

>> do i want to hold it, sure.

>> behind the neck.

>> natalie i have something for you.

>> no, no.

>> it's a baby one.

>> not doing it. i'm not falling for anything more today.

>> amazing animals. they've been around over 200 million years, awesome for it's cosystem.

>> what does it feed on?

>> fingers.

>> fish, crustaceans, other turtles.