TODAY   |  April 01, 2013

Is it really possible to be friends with an ex?

TODAY’s Willie Geist and his best friend, Megan Colarossi, share friendly advice, tackling such topics as whether it’s OK to be friends with an ex and the etiquette of eating off your friends’ plates.

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>> friendly advice. my good friend of 20 years or so, megan colarossi will help us grapple with daily dilemmas.

>> happy easter .

>> what did you bring today?

>> i brought you a fluffy from my friend in new zealand, it's a hot, steam melt with some marshmallows.

>> straight up milk?

>> it's more for kids. it gives you a mustache.

>> that went well. towel handy by any chance? the marshmallows were impeding my progress to the steamed milk.

>> you know why kids love it.

>> how are we doing, good? let's get down to business. i'll try to conduct an interview with steamed milk on my pants. this is our big callout, can you be friends with the ex? i say no. you say yes. yes online, team megan won but it was narrow, 51-49.

>> if you have a clean break, there's no lingering issues, no emotional issues, you can be friends. i think it's why not? we're all adults. you've moved on but if there's stuff hanging in the air , if you still have feelings i don't think you can do it. the great equalizer, facebook . you can look but you don't touch.

>> now we're talking about two different things. you can peek in on somebody on facebook .

>> i am a a peek peek per.

>> that's not really being friends.

>> facebook is being friends.

>> that's stalking.

>> as my husband calling it is stalking probably.

>> true or false, i don't want to make you uncomfortable but it is difficult to go back to friendship after you've had an intimate relationship with someone.

>> it's how you evolved in the relationship. if you moved on, happy with the current relationship, it's all about the moving on. that's the operative word. if you haven't moved on it's a no go. i'm friend exes, are you? sorry, christina.

>> i met my wife when i was 11 so my exes were 9 so we don't catch up a lot.

>> small pool.

>> america agrees with you on that one. silverware fencing. the question here is, is it okay to ask a friend or a spouse or anybody, may i have a bite of that or to reach across and just take a bite of it.

>> i don't ask. i'm not an asker because i don't want people to ask me but i think people you have to ask before you dip into someone's food. it's just not cool, not kosher, but the one thing i do to my husband i will stare at him, and he throws down his fork and goes what, you want a bite? oh, sure i want a bite. come on, but i don't skae. i don't think it's good to ask.

>> will you ever plate swap, you and chris you get a meal, you each eat half and switch plates at a restaurant?

>> you order what you order. i think it's -- i'm not a plate swapper. are you a plate swapper?

>> we do that sometimes.

>> great equalizer with this, too, is french fries . communal food. it's a free-for-all.

>> french fries always communal?

>> dipping.

>> that's incorrect you're reaching at least with silverware fencing you have a fork.

>> you want one?

>> not of yours.

>> i'm reaching my dirty grubby hands god knows into your din per.

>> don't double dip , nasty.

>> we've got, asked for a little help on this one, the topic is kids and cell phones , we have jessica fox -rothwell from temecula, california on the line. thanks for being up with us early. what is your question?

>> good morning, my question is my fourth grader comes home and talks about getting a cell phone , so how old should a kid be before under normal circumstances they're allowed to have one?

>> okay, it's a tough one. i know as a kid your kid is probably dying to get the cell phone , 9, 8, everyone has one. i think everything happened to me when i was 13, i could shave my legs, pierce my ears. times are different, we're older but when you're a teenager and going places without a parent, that's when you need a cell phone to check in. at a younger age you don't need it. it's an extra electrical item but if you're out and about going to the park, to the mall, by yourself with no parent that's the time your kid needs a cell phone to check in, it's a lojack device.

>> it's a child lojack.

>> our kids are young, your kids just sit home and read.

>> we're not in the cell phone category, so my kids are going to convent so it's not an issue at all. megan 's focus on a lot of the single shots i was really repairing some of the damage from the milk, the steam milk that she shared with us. good focus.