TODAY   |  April 01, 2013

Martha Stewart maps out four nights of meals

Planning your family’s dinners ahead of time can save you both time and money. Martha Stewart shares her four-day menu to help you prepare this week, including roasted tomato pasta with basil and roasted pork tenderloin with fennel and garlic.

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>>> four budget friendly recipes your families will love.

>> martha stewart with the menu from digital everyday food .

>> i just finished easter and now cooking for the entire week.

>> we'll have a fairly small shopping list , you'll reuse a couple of items and starting out monday with roasted tomato pasta.

>> eight pounds of delicious plum tomatoes, it will cost you about $15, sprinkle them with good olive oil , some thyme and salt and pepper . you can do that, put all the thyme and salt and pepper on and they roast at 475 for approximately 45 minutes and look how they look. that's enough for two whole meals for a family of six.

>> what do you do with them after you roasted them?

>> first you have this delicious shell pasta, any pasta will do, two cups of the roasted tomatoes and add that to olive oil and more garlic, saute that and here you can stir around. i'll turn that down a little bit so you don't get splatted on your beautiful suit.

>> all right.

>> here you have your pasta already cooked, fresh basil, and those can get thrown right in here and sploshed around and here is what it looks like and garnish it with freshly grated parmesan cheese .

>> start to finish a 20-minute meal.

>> so easy.

>> great.

>> now this is for the meat of the week, and this is i think these pork tenderloins are delicious and also on special at the grocery store. ooh, you're standing there watching those burn.

>> i'm working on it, martha.

>> she's still traumatized from the april fool 's joke.

>> you love fennel. this is a bowl of fennel, people pass it up because they don't know what to do with it. slice it, ten garlic cloves and one head of fennel, and put that in the oven at 475 for ten minutes. add your fillets of pork and put that back in the oven and roast for about 30 minutes , and these come out looking so beautiful, and so tasty, and the first night you serve the roasted fennel and the pork and with a little bit of dill as a garnish, that is a delectable dinner.

>> we're saving some of the pork?

>> two of those for tacos later in the week.

>> we'll tune in later for that. here's how we're going to use the rest of the tomatoes so onions and garlic and add your roasted tomatoes, cook those with two cups of water, add the coriander.

>> you don't need to mush the tomatoes?

>> they'll mush up. some cumin and sugar. sugar is important, a half a teaspoon, no thet a lot and the coriander.

>> spicy.

>> here we have it already cooked and put it in your blender and you blend this and you have a spicy tomato soup that is so good, with toasted bread and a salad. you can add more, hamburger if you want or something, but that is, don't forget red hot . er in a grilled cheese sandwich .

>> you have 12 ingredients so far and three meals which is pretty good.

>> here is the fourth. this one gets a little bit more fancy because you have guacamole which i love making and avocados are one of the best foods . they're $1.59 and at some places five for $1, in season. make yourself fresh guacamole, white onion , san leandro to rcilantro, and salt and pepper , onion. make yourself a taco. this one is started, a piece of lime, cilantro and give two, maybe three to the hungry people in your family and you have again a delicious dinner. i think this is so nice.

>> martha thank you so much. download the recipes and shopping list on