TODAY   |  April 01, 2013

Rosario Dawson: I was hypnotized to prep for film

The actress talks about her role as a hypnotherapist in the new art-heist thriller “Trance” and says that going under hypnosis to prepare for the role gave her a “huge amount of respect” for the hypnotherapy industry.

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>> rosario dawson , in the new thriller, good morning, good to see you.

>> nice to see you, too, hello.

>> you actually play a hip hypnotherapist.

>> someone double crosses someone else and james mcavoy cannot remember where he hid the painting.

>> as part of the research you actually allowed yourself to be hypnotized.

>> i did.

>> way too much of a control freak i am for that. what was it like?

>> i'm such a control freak i thought i'd be going in there with a placebo thing and when i went under your body tells your subconscious if you know how to read it and my body was making all of these big jerking movements when i was under, she was like i know you said you want to talk about this but i feel this is what's going on with you, and i was like this is confidential, right?

>> you come away a believer?

>> i did and it's a huge part of the premise of the film so i got a huge amount of respect for the whole industry and what the profession is. i learned something which i thought was amazing that mrs. brady, florence henderson married a hypnotherapist and is a trained hypnotherapist.

>> i always feel weird when i stare at her.

>> there was a scene you were uncomfortable doing, a full on nudity scene. is that right?

>> yes.

>> what was that day like on set?

>> it was interesting. everyone is super professional and really great, we had a wonderful working relationship, always constantly playing words with friends offset and doing the heavy things but that day no one looks new the eye. everyone's just trying to be respectful which makes it more weird and i'm working with james who always has this incredible connection when you're working together, so intense and that day he's looking at my shoulder, this spot far off in the corner of the wall. okay, let me try not to walk