TODAY   |  April 01, 2013

Surprise! Natalie fooled by chair prank

After demonstrating how he set up a prank to scare Natalie Morales this morning, magician Rich Ferguson explains what makes a good April Fools’ joke fun for everyone and shows off three creative tricks for you to try on friends and family.

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>>> it's april fool 's day when people like to bring out their inner jokester. we've been having fun with people around here this morning. rich ferguson disguised himself as a chair in our green room and caught people by surprised. good morning, nice to see you. pranks are fun. pranks can also cross a line. what is the definition of a good prank?

>> something creative, leaves people wanting to do it to somebody else.

>> or punk you as i almost did.

>> or shove me down the stairs, shouldn't be assaulting someone or destructing someone's property.

>> shouldn't embarrass someone to the point where they're angry afterward.

>> but maybe got to get back at someone, maybe.

>> i got a little angry at you rich, sorry.

>> you want to do it to your friends, you want to see it be done.

>> there was a whole mastery going on how they duped me into sitting on the chair. i do what i'm told.

>> he welcomed her back from vacation and that was matt in the cushion there.

>> no. thanks for your help, savannah. let's move on to some other pranks people do that are harmless.

>> this is harmless. basically toilet paper roll, and they pull and a spider comes running and the thing that's cool it's not just a spider stuck, the illusion it's in motion because you're pulling the toilet paper roll. it adds to your brain a lot.

>> the image of someone running with their pants down around their ankles out of the bathroom is something you have to get hold of.

>> this gets someone in a vulnerable position which you want to do in a prank.

>> true.

>> we like the way you think. okay, what's with the water?

>> this is a great one at bars and parties. we have a straw in a cup. you take another straw, you tie it in a knot and when your friend looks away, you swap out the straw and then you have fun the next five minutes watching them how to suck.

>> helps if it's not a clear liquid.

>> you wouldn't notice that in a million years, definitely not.

>> okay and finally?

>> this someone fun because today is monday and it's an office day, so a lot of people thought we'd throw in a prank. you take a paper clip , put it on the copy machine , leave it on the machine and take the paper you used, put it in the machine, orientate it, they assume they made a copy with the paper clip , they remove it and do it again and again and frustrated for ten years and you're sitting over there laughing your butt off.

>> make them insane.

>> you just wasted a lot of paper at the office.

>> did you have any friends as a kid?

>> come on!

>> no, these are cute, harmless and innocent. rich, thank you very much.

>>> still ahead, martha stewart 's go