TODAY   |  April 01, 2013

Trend watch: 10 things to try this month

Kate Dimmock of People StyleWatch shares her top picks in beauty, fashion, and fun for the month of April, including colorful hair accessories, free ice cream, and pastel eye shadow.

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>>> back now at 8:45 with "today's style." this morning, ten things you want to try in april when it comes to beauty, fashion and fun. kate dimick is the fashion director for "people style watch."

>> good morning to you.

>> let's talk about the hottest trend we'll see on our model kaitlin.

>> pastel colors are coming on strong. we love an aqua eye and a peachy lip, it's a really great look for spring.

>> a fresh look.

>> like the no makeup makeup look.

>> i like that, something colorful for the hair?

>> it's a great way to add a little color to your updo, these bright bobby pins from remington, they're $5 for a set and just a fun way to add a little vibe rance.

>> two for $5. colorful sneaks.

>> they're from the gap, a little commemoration for the gap, celebrating their launch in '69, so these are cvs, the laid back california style in an array of colors. limited edition , if you want them, go now.

>> who does not love something free especially when talking about free ice cream .

>> april 9th you can get a free ice cream cone at ben & jerry 's from participating stores.

>> set it on the calendar. april 9th a great read.

>> meg politzer, an interesting story about six friends and coming of age story but great read for now or into the summer.

>> portable music, got to take it with you.

>> these are super fun and great for your home or for your office, they're from ihome, blue tooth speakers.

>> you can plug anything in them.

>> exactly.

>> easy to go. do-it-yourself kits.

>> these are diy, you can subscribe and get a new kit once a month, everything from feather earrings to make your own beach tote but if you have the time.

>> you have to have the time exactly.

>> it's fun.

>> brand new, designer, actually jewelry for all.

>> this is such a cool idea, this is from designers have an online community that votes and shopbevel will produce the winner of the contest. you get an original look which is really fun.

>> bracelet is cool.

>> not something everybody has.

>> to the definer collaboration from target.

>> this is super fun, so kate young, who is a hot celebrity stylist works with michelle williams and natalie portman , did a red carpet in time for prom and weddings and fun summer nights . this is a great dress for less than $60, her bag and her shoes are also from target, from the kate young collection but super fun and comes out april 14th .

>> april 14th , okay, going to be a rush to target.

>> exactly.

>> april 22nd is earth day .

>> exactly.

>> great day to ride your bicyc bicycle. i love the color theme. yellow everywhere.

>> you guys are doing a nice little setup there.

>> exactly.

>> what a great way to commemorate earth day , ride your bike to work or to the park. this bike is also from target, it's $129 from schwinn and it's a fun way to participate in the holiday.

>> you have a bike like that you want to ride it everywhere. kate thank you.