TODAY   |  April 01, 2013

Adorable baby giraffe’s name revealed

After receiving more than 6,000 suggestions for what to name a newborn baby giraffe, Marcella Leone, director of the Leo Zoological Conservation Center in Connecticut, reveals the final selection.

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>>> giraffe recently born in connecticut, when she joined us last week, we told you that you could help name her, our viewers.

>> that's right. now the folks at the leo zoological conservation center are revealing the name that has been chosen to the world. marcella leone is the director of the center. nice to see you. first reaction is this baby giraffe has gotten big in one week.

>> she really has. thanks, you guys. welcome to our conservation center. we've taken off the training wheels so we have the baby out with some of the females and she can join the herd and yes, we have been overwhelmed with really positive response and eye on the big picture is conservation.

>> before you reveal the name, just give us a sense you say overwhelmed. how many entries or how many suggestions did you get?

>> well we got between 6,000 and 7,000 entries, so just amazed and really some thoughtful, thoughtful suggestions.

>> let's not drag this out any longer. marcella can you tell us what is the name?

>> the name is, we've given her a middle name as well, sandy hope.

>> and there's a special significance, right?

>> a real significance especially for us here in connecticut. we named her for the sandy hook elementary school tragedy that happened right here in our state, so a really, really meaningful name and that's why we had to attach the middle name hope with it.

>> it's a beautiful name. how soon will people get to be able to see sandy there, marcella ?

>> we are a conservation center, built for animals, not people but we have special cause groups and we're devoting this year to the children and families that were directly impacted by the tragedy, so we'll be inviting them to the center and they'll be able to enjoy meeting sandy and a lot of the other animals that we have here.

>> marcella , were there any match choices for kujo ? matt's choice for kujo ?

>> we did sconsider kujo but didn't fit it. sasha fierce