TODAY   |  April 01, 2013

3 killed in 95-car pileup in Virginia

Authorities are blaming thick fog for the initial crash that resulted in nearly 100 vehicles piling up near the Virginia-North Carolina border Sunday, killing three people and injuring dozens of others. NBC’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>>> this morning, weather is being blamed for a deadly holiday pile-up in virginia . natalie is here with more dedales.

>> that's right, three people are dead in virginia after that massive pile-up on easter sunday involving nearly 100 cars.

>> could you just hear all of the cars hitting one after the other.

>> reporter: authorities are blaming thick fog on the initial crash that set off a domino effect of more than a dozen other crashes easter sunday on the border of virginia and north carolina resulting in a massive pile-up of nearly 100 vehicles. the wreckage, crumpled cars and tractor trailers toppled on their sides was scattered along interstate 77 choking traffic for hours.

>> all of a sudden the u.p.s. truck came and sideswiped the car. we thought we were both dead.

>> reporter: the crash killed at least three people and sent about 25 others to hospitals in nearby states. the area is known for fog banks and accidents, despite signs warning drivers of the danger.

>> it's up to the driver behind the wheel to take responsibility and adjust speeds to the conditions.

>> our car is the honda.

>> reporter: some travelers veered on to a ruch ramp to avoid a pile-up.

>> to think we missed it by seconds this truck ramp saved our lives. this is unbelievable, this beats any movie i could have ever imagined in my entire life.