TODAY   |  March 31, 2013

Born weighing an ounce, ‘Beyoncé’ is a miracle dog

Making an appearance on TODAY with a bedazzled cape, Beyoncé the dog makes up for her tiny size with a big personality. An ‘ambassadog’ who works to cut down on the euthanization of animals by encouraging spaying and neutering, her appearance on TODAY was also the day of her first birthday. NBC’s Peter Alexander interviews Beyoncé’s owner Beth DeCaptio, the executive director of the Grace Foundation, an animal rescue organization.

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>>> last year as one of the world's smallest dogs. we'll try to move so you can even see her here.

>> she celebrated her first birthday, which was a major milestone for this three-pound pup. now she has a big job. she's a bit of a spokes-dog or ambassa-dog, and beyonce brought here by tony, and nice to have you here.

>> thank you.

>> it's a big deal she celebrated her first year.

>> she was just an ounce. we didn't think she would survive. we thought she was stillborn. so we were able to revive her and really just a miracle pup.

>> if we can, beyonce , can we turn you around really quickly? i want to talk about the cape, which i understand is very in this season.

>> very in.

>> with the tiny dogs, all the dazzle.

>> yes.

>> what is it about this dog that makes her sort of memorable, besides being so little? she has a personality as we witnessed.

>> she does.

>> can you show us the high-five?

>> high-five.

>> right on queue.

>> yeah. there you go.

>> she kills it.

>> you know, i think what is so important is that instead of breeding these small breeds, which have so many problems, she is a rescue. she's a dog that survived death three times, because she was supposed to be euthanized in the shelter. what we want for her is to be an ambassa-dog for dogs all over. we euthanize 3 million dogs and cats in the united states , and it's 100% preventible if we spay and neuter. so beyonce has been practicing. the cape gave her special powers. we know if she is a superhero, she saved thanks to so many viewers, able to save over 200 last-chance animals this year.

>> wow.

>> so imagine what she can do in her second year. so we're asking everybody to come to our website, which is, or like her on facebook, which is tiny beyonce , and we'll have a world's best contest. and we want people to tell us about their story, and really help those two save thousands of animals this year.

>> wow, a great story. nice to have you back and doing so well and helping so many other dogs. bet beth, thanks.

>> and she wants to shout out to patrick, met him at airport. very special to her.

>> all right. beyonce , making friends. look at her. we'll check in again with chuck todd in for david gregory . a look ahead on what is coming up on "meet the