TODAY   |  March 31, 2013

Camera lost in Hawaii washes up in Taiwan 6 years later

“My exact words were, ‘Oh my god this is my camera!’” said Lindsay Scallan, whose camera was discovered, with all 325 photos intact, by a China Airlines employee years after she lost it. Some sleuthing and Facebook sharing ensued, and Scallan was finally reunited with her photos. TODAY’s Erica Hill interviews Lindsay Scallan.

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>>> here's another story that has a lot of people talking these days. an incredible story of a washed-up treasure of sorts. in 2007 , a woman on vacation in hawaii went on a diving trip and lost her digital camera . you would think the story would end there. it was filled with pictures from herve occasion, so not something she was willing to give up on.

>> you figure at that point it's gone forever, you lose it in the ocean. tough to get back. fast forward six years and 6,000 miles away in taiwan , and what shows up on a beach there but the camera? it had been inside a waterproof case, the memory card and the camera still intact, and that set off a search for the mystery blond in those photos.

>> who is that mystery blond in the photos? she has been found, and she is with us this morning. in the flash, lindsey, welcome to new york .

>> yes.

>> your first trip.

>> yes.

>> how did you find out that your camera had been found after six years, i trust after assuming it was gone?

>> actually, a week ago, last sunday, i was at work. just the typical day. and about 11:30 , a friend of mine from high school sends a message on facebook saying, hey, looks like somebody finally found your camera. we were surfing the internet, saw your picture, here's the link to the story that a hawaiian news station put out online trying to find me. i clicked the link. and there pops up my pictures.

>> you had to be flipping out. first of all, how many pictures were on the camera?

>> 325. all of them perfect.

>> and this is really the vacation of a lifetime for you.

>> it was.

>> your best friend , her family. never thought you would -- had you forgotten about the camera at this point?

>> i did. at work, when it came up, i showed my boss thinking this was a scam or something, because hi kind of forgotten about it, it was so long ago. and then when my pictures popped up with me and my friends, i think my exact words were, "oh, my god, this is my camera." i was flipping out. my boss was, okay, we're at work, let's focus.

>> put facebook away. we'll worry about it later .

>> yeah.

>> what i love about this is i struggle to get a clean photo on vacation of me and my wife together. after being under water for six years, these are crisp and perfect. so the story, as it continues, it was an employee from china airlines , is that correct, that found this. you started this facebook page. and now china airlines is offering you and a friend an all-expenses-paid trip to china or taiwan ?

>> taiwan , right.

>> to meet the perfect who did it and give you the photo back in person. you're lucky it's not southwest, because you'd have a free trip to phoenix. right. what will you say to the person who went to the great lengths to find this camera?

>> i'm most excited that i'm meeting -- already, i'm meeting tons of people alone the way. you know, i'm in new york, first time ever, out of nowhere. and i'm excited to meet the gentleman that found my camera. i'm going to meet his family.

>> never been to taiwan .

>> never been. farthest i've been is hawaii.

>> you actually talked with him, face-timed for something, like, 45 minutes.

>> yes, a few days ago. supernice guy. so, so sweet.

>> a great adventure you have ahead of you.

>> yes.

>> great, now visual proof, visual memories of the ones you had before. who's going with you?

>> right now, i think it's my friend kelly that is in some of the pictures. and then, if she can't make it, then my dad's going to come.

>> great. we can't wait to hear about the trip.

>> we're going to see kelly right now, yes, we should talk about this. i'm in.

>> i'm available no matter what.