TODAY   |  March 30, 2013

Erica, Lester and Jenna square off in newborn knowledge

“It’s a wipes warmer,” said TODAY’s Erica Hill, correctly guessing the name of a curious white box that popped up during their game of “Oh, Baby.” Jenna, who recently announced her pregnancy, thought the box was for snacks. “Bottom line is, I’m in no way, shape, or form ready to have this child,” she said.

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first to buzz in with the correct answer receives a point and the winner receives bragging rights . okay. we're going to start with the lightning round called what is this for.

>> okay.

>> okay. erica?

>> you need this in new york city .

>> what is it?

>> it's soft and fluffy.

>> a bundle me. you put it in your stroller. we call it the sleeping bag and when you're walking the streets of new york it keeps them soft and cozy and all you want to do is climb in.

>> this is never going to be a fair contest.

>> back in the horse and buggy days we didn't have those.

>> lester used his coat.

>> we'll give it to you.

>> all right.

>> the next one is kind of what i keep on the leash for my dog. what could this possibly be?

>> i think it's, looks like poop bag .

>> it's for the diaper genie .

>> so you use diapers?

>> you put the dip inner there.

>> yi don't want to walk around the house and pick up from the kid.

>> if you're in a restaurant you put it in there.

>> oh, okay.

>> i am going to need one of those.

>> okay. we have this other one. this is actually a door of a top. it's pretty light. jenna ?

>> i'm going to say for snacks.

>> it's a wipes warmer. you don't need it.

>> okay.

>> wipes warmer.

>> what do you do when you're out and it's cold and all of a sudden the kid needs his diaper changed.

>> maybe he gets used to having a cold rear end .

>> we figured that out. moving on to our next question a multiple choice . we all know that jenna is quite the jokester. at what age will jenna 's baby be able to start laughing out loud if ever at those jokes? it was multiple choice . what do you think? i'll give awe hint. two months, three and a half months, four and a half months.

>> four and a half months.

>> no.

>> two months.

>> no. three and a half months.

>> yay!

>> really.

>> process of elimination.

>> are you sure they can laugh at three and a half months?

>> i don't know.

>> i don't remember them laughing.

>> my dog started laughing -- that was so long ago.

>> all right. here we go.

>> really good at this. that wraps up this game of oh, baby. i'm sure we'll play again though.

>> how did we do? bottom line i'm in no way ready to have this child.

>> not true. you have a few months to get there.

>> we thought you should win a prize anyway.

>> we'll have a lot to celebrate when that time comes.

>> in your prize you have rattles that look like weights.

>> stop it. right now.

>> she's ready to tweet.

>> my gosh.

>> and she knows how to tune to the "today" show thnchs is the most adorable gift basket literally of all time. is this a joke or can i really keep it?

>> it is really yours.

>> i love it. this is fantastic. also these aren't real diapers.

>> those are the real things . that's wh they look like.

>> we were once this small? wow. okay.

>> we'll have a lot to celebrate in the coming months but we want to celebrate a good friend of ours, jim simmelman who has been part of this show for the last 13 years. come on out.

>> come on, jimmy. all right.

>> he is one of our stage managers here on "weekend today" and he's leaving us after this weekend. we just wanted to celebrate.

>> sad to see you go, jimmy.

>> let you know how much we'll miss you.

>> thank you. i'll miss you guys as well.

>> it's been a real pleasure.

>> very nice.

>> sugar and alcohol for everyone.

>> smell the cake?

>> it's good.

>> all good. jim , you've been amazing around here. we cannot thank you enough for everything.

>> thank you, guys.

>> and we just want to --

>> jim has one.

>> sneak this one up.

>> okay. yours is probably apple cider , jenna .

>> thank you.

>> congratulations.

>> congratulations, jimmy.

>> read the prompter.

>> we're raising a glass to wish him good luck have a great day everybody. oh, yes. we're good i guess.

>> that's the end of it. give it up for jimmy!