Cincinnati Zoo

TODAY   |  March 30, 2013

Humans play surrogate mom to baby gorilla

Volunteers at the Cincinnati Zoo are wearing black suits and furry vests in an effort to help raise Gladys, a baby gorilla. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> and finally, being five months' pregnant i now know enough about parenting to sarcastically pass along the following advice. when taking care of a baby gorilla , please be kind and please be gentle. baby gladys was brought to the cincinnati zoo after she was abandoned by her mother in texas, right? okay. for the next few months she'll be raised by humans playing the role of mommy gorilla. check it out. zoo volunteers are wearing black suits and furry vests to mimic what gladys 's mom would look and feel like. i don't do that. okay.

>> just double checking. all of this so one day soon gladys will be introduced to a gorilla surrogate mom and they will live happily ever after. so if you guys have any spare gorilla suits laying around at home and you're near the cincinnati zoo , you may be called upon to play her mommy.

>> i think that's cute.

>> sweet. very sweet.

>> look at me. already doling out advice like i've been doing this for years.

>> right?

>> gorilla advice no less.

>> i'm spanning across the species right now. what does that