TODAY   |  March 30, 2013

Never lose your car in a parking lot again

Car enthusiasts got a glimpse into the future at the New York auto show over the weekend, which showed off new designs and technology that will be hitting the road in 2014. TODAY’s digital lifestyle contributor Mario Armstrong reports.

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>> cars were just for getting you where you need to go, that's so last century. wait until you see the new innovations coming your way. we sent today's digital lifestyle contributor mario armstrong to the new york auto show to get a glimpse into the future.

>> reporter: there is the sleek design and bold colors.

>> this is jalapeno.

>> reporter: like hot.

>> absolutely. rncht but

>> reporter: but it's the new smart technology.

>> there are remote control capabilities like lock and unlock the door. you can start your car. it gives you a kind of health report so you can check on the car, get your mileage. it can give you your battery health. how is that doing? and then it gives you basically a diagnostic report.

>> reporter: you'll never lose your car in a parking lot again.

>> you don't know how many times i walk out and i'm like, where did i park again?

>> exactly. all this technology just to find your car.

>> reporter: your next dashboard will also look like a smart phone .

>> this is a mock up of our cadillac user experience .

>> reporter: so you can drag and drop these icons to customize your screen.

>> yep.

>> reporter: with hands free voice controls no more reaching for the radio dial.

>> playstation kings of leon radio.

>> reporter: even apple's siri has found her way into the driver's seat.

>> not only is it a unique feature but allows the customer to feel more connected to the vehicle and enhances the driving experience. thanks for the interview. see you later .

>> been a pleasure.

>> reporter: for the 82% of us who can't go a single day without our mobile device it isn't surprising that more carmakers like srt have turned the car into an internet connection on four wheels. so you don't need to carry your mobile hot spot with you while on the go because the car is the hot spot . it has this technology built into it giving you the opportunity to connect multiple devices to the internet. but the biggest hit at this auto show , something that makes you say, why didn't they think of this before?

>> we're really excited about the feature. it's the world's first in car vacuum.

>> i'm going to channel my inner 3-year-old and get into the van and make a mess. wow. this is great. i'm starting to feel a little bad, though. shouldn't ib the one cleaning this up?

>> probably.

>> i'm going to clean up my own mess.

>> okay.

>> reporter: my mommy taught me good manners.

>> that was our digital lifestyle contributor mario armstrong. that is a good idea.

>> fantastic. i want that vacuum.

>> i'm always eating and stuff is just flying.

>> no matter how hard you try to keep it neat. we try with our kids not to eat in the car but there is always something that gets on the floor and after the winter