TODAY   |  March 29, 2013

Which packaged foods are actually good for you?

Deciding which foods to buy at the grocery store can be tough, but expert Miranda Van Gelder visits the Fourth Hour to reveal the healthiest packaged foods on the market, including snacks, frozen dinners and soups.

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>>> if you're the type that reads almost every label on each product you pick up at the grocery store , get ready to take some notes. prevention magazine has done the work for you.

>> that's right. oop ooh oop the folks wept through the supermarket item by item to find the best choices for the best packaged food awards 2013 . and miranda is here with some of the winners. this is great.

>> this is a great idea. you guys literally went through the supermarket aisles --

>> we literally tasted hundreds and hundreds of different packages of items to come up with our 100 cleanest packaged foods.

>> trying, what, low sodium and msg --

>> low sugar, low sodium, not a lot of dodgy ingredients where you're, like, what is that?

>> yeah.

>> you can't pronounce the stuff that's in it you shouldn't be eating it.

>> and avoid bpa coatings and cans. and the genetically modified organisms.

>> let's start with cereal. what did you pick?

>> cereal. it's hard to find a healthy cereal. this one has no added sugar, which is super imimpressive. we love the cinnamon raisin flavor because that adds natural sweet frns the cinnamon, the raisins, lots of whole grains, all the whole grains that doctors say we should be heating more of.

>> like grape nuts .

>> yes.

>> got to have mill wk your cereal. we know that we see a lot of dairy allergy these days. this is coconut milk from silk that has 50% more calcium than regular dairy. you could put that in a smoothie or something and it would be killer.

>> eggs. i usually look for organic.

>> you don't want your hens to be eating things you wouldn't approve of. what we like about egeland's best, these have a nice vegetarian organic feed and no hormones, antibiotics, animal by-products, none of that.

>> are these much pricier than the other items?

>> you know what's funny, sometimes they will be a little more, like a dollar or so, but what did our grandmother say? the best wealth is health. it evens out.

>> almond butter . this is the big thing.

>> we still love peanut butter . not a knock on that. but it has a few more nutrients, higher in fiber and calcium.

>> look how thick it is.

>> two ingredients. very clean.

>> what do you think?

>> good. savory.

>> in other words, she misses her peanut butter . i know my hoda. where's the jif? kidding.

>> the good stuff. this is from trader joe 's. the thing you have to watch out for on the store bought soup, the sodium goes through the roof. this is impressive. less than 150 milligrams and only 100 calories a cup. if you want to have a grilled cheese, go for it.

>> this item here.

>> everyone is scared of hot dogs .

>> everyone is. there was nothing on the ingredient list that made us green. just beef, water, or ganic spices.

>> nothing weird.

>> this is not mystery meat . they were a winner a few different categories.

>> okay.

>> finally, we know that ideally you would go home, make dinner sfr scratch, not always going to happen. this can go right in the microwave. it's from amy's. it's low in sodium, vegetarian, gluten free, fast, flavorful.

>> last couple of snacks here.

>> you have to have sweets and treats. potato chips from good health natural foods . these are fried in avocado oil . these are killer.

>> i could eat the whole bag.

>> they have a high amount of vitamin c. this is good stuff.

>> wow.

>> and the cookies?

>> chocolate chip cookies . for anyone who has dietary allergies, no eggs, no wheat, no nuts. really nice, 130 calories for two. good stuff.

>> good job. thank you very