TODAY   |  March 29, 2013

Craft-y ideas for Easter family fun

Figuring out how to plan some fun activities for all the ages of your kids can be stressful. Fortunately, Mary Giles of FamilyFun magazine drops by to share some interesting activities for all age groups, including different ways of dying Easter eggs.

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>> back with "today's moms." if you're wondering what to do with all the kids coming for easter sunday, we have some help for you.

>> "family fun" magazine's deputy editor mary giles is here with some eggs.

>> how are you?

>> great stuff for easter.

>> thank you. how are you?

>> i'm good.

>> what are we starting out with here?

>> all right. strings of spring gar land. how cute is this, right? decorating for your easter brunch. so easy to do. you have lots of plastic eggs this time of year. just paint these little faces with some paint, glue on felt beaks and ears or tails for the bunnies.

>> i love the little legs.

>> aren't they cute? most plastic eggs come with holes in the bottom and the top, so you can put craft wire through the bottom for the legs and that's how you string them.

>> these are adorable.

>> if your eggs don't have the holes in the top, we have an easy tip online at our website about poking in some holes.

>> by the way, look how festive these are.

>> giant balloons look just like eggs, right? while you're cooking your brunch, set your kids loose to decorate those balloons for your brunch.

>> very cute.

>> this is the smartest idea. i'm sorry.

>> these are parrot pens or rabbit writers. these are ballpoint pens . we papier-mached them to look like carrots. you can see, just start with your pen, take on some greenery, get that at a craft store, and you're going to mold foil around that to get the nice plump carrot shape and papier-mache newspaper around that. papier-mache is just half a cup of flour and three quarter cups of water.

>> wrap the newspaper around.

>> let it dry, it can take um to a day. you might want to start these after school today. let it dry and paint orange.

>> very cute.

>> what's happening here? what do we have here?

>> hanna is practicing our glitter dot egg. you've died your eggs. you're going to take a glue dot, put that on your egg, and then you dip that into nice, fine glitter and look how pretty and beautiful the results are.

>> wow.

>> i've been making these with my 5-year-old last few days.

>> look at that.

>> doing a great job. super easy for kids.

>> just glue dots you can get at any --

>> you can get at any craft store. great for little kids, big kids , and you can brush off the extra glitter.

>> she's neat like me. cleaning it up.

>> you sure?

>> all right. devin .

>> hey, devin .

>> those are cool.

>> you like a nice sense of hue nor with your easter. aren't they funny? you can display them in a glass with the die so it looks like they're actually diving.

>> so adorable.

>> what a clever idea.

>> so easy. just get a rubber band for the mask. the mask itself is a water bottle cap with a white label on top, two dots for eyes. glue that in place. devin is using glue dots to do that. glue on a straw for the snorkel. and glue on some -- this is craft foam. the secret to the flipper feet that you want to be sure and do is get felt adhesives so you can peel that off once you've glued the eggs on so you can stick your --

>> and let them sit on it.

>> so they'll stick and not fall over.

>> perfect.

>> take us down here. thank you, sweetie. take us here.

>> jake is making our feathered friends. we've been dying lots of eggs. you want a special place to display a few. you just fit your egg right inside your little feathered friend there.

>> all adorable, mary.

>> just literally cut the cups from -- you've got lots of egg cartons this time of year, too, right? so here's your cup. once you cut it out, you have the perfect shape to make these. you want cardboard, not plastic. paint on a little beak, glue on some feathers.

>> less than a minute.

>> okay.

>> what's this?

>> a fun game, steal my easter eggs . we're going to race to take as many of these out with chopsticks. you have 15 seconds. go! all right.

>> we're racing. 15 seconds.

>> oh. you're in my way.

>> i don't like your technique.

>> is our clock timer going?

>> this is not fun at all.

>> two, one. whoa, not even close.

>> i like chinese food .

>> if you have little kids playing, you have these great little kid friendly chopsticks.

>> take us out with this. what are we doing?

>> egg roll race. back up a little . on your mark, get set, using chopsticks to roll them.

>> wow.

>> that was hardly eve an