TODAY   |  March 29, 2013

6 ways to drop 10 pounds by Memorial Day

TODAY diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom shares six helpful tips for keeping your weight loss goals under control, including tracking your eating, getting enough sleep, and having a diet buddy.

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>>> we are back with more of "today" on a special series we're kicking off called "drop 10 pounds by memorial day ." if you've looked in the mirror lately and know winter has taken a toll on your body, we'll slim down for thong time.

>> madeleine is going to stick with you for the next ten weeks to help you lose one pound each week. all you have to do is make a few small adjustments to the way you already eat. sounds too good to be true, madeleine.

>> hi, mald ldeleine.

>> this is what one --

>> this is one ugly pound. if you translate that into calories, this is 3,500, and that sounds like a lot but if you chop it down into 500 calories a day, you could lose around a pound a week.

>> i think a lot of us don't know what we're eating all day because we graze along. we don't take time to --

>> keep a log.

>> right.

>> the number one thing you need to do to keep track of what you're doing and learn from that but also be accountable to yourself. like sneaking food, no one will know, you'll know.

>> your thighs will know.

>> exactly. this is the main focus for weight loss . all about the food.

>> calorie counting.

>> calorie count. we're going to talk about really easy ways you can do every day to keep the weight off. first, everybody loves juice in the morning. one of the easiest things to do to cut out 70 gal rhees is pour it in my dear.

>> a whole glass of it.

>> get the same volume. just water it down.

>> it tastes fine that way.

>> it's orange juice .

>> it's all mental. you look at a container and say this is what i should be having but you adapt. with oatmeal, just as easy to have a packet of plain oatmeal instead of is sugary one. savings, 50 calories, 75 calories. you could kwluz a 100 calorie english muffin and egg whites. you can still put canadian bacon on it. that save ls you 75 calories.

>> and if you just take that off, there you go.

>> 50 calories. you point out what you need to do, you're saying, i could eat this open faced, i don't need this. you might say i want a whole sand witch to bite into. these are little examples. even coffee. if you simply swap out light cream and put in whole milk. not saying skim milk. that's one thing. cut down on the sweetener. even if you want a packet of sugar, there are low-calorie ones. mix and match.

>> start adding up those things.

>> here's your sandwich. you can have it later.

>> exactly. have skinny bread and swap out the koncondiments.

>> learn to love the mustard.

>> you can learn to adapt to this. instead of a creamy soup, have tomato soup . these 100 calories here and there. you don't have to have carrot sticks. you might want chips but go baked or popped and save some more.

>> so and you're not going to do all of these things every day. you want to add up to 500. so here we go. snack time . big calories, soda. you think what's so bad, 150 calories. if you swap that far seltzer or low-calorie drink, even better.

>> crushed ice with lemon or lime.

>> you feel you're having something substantial. snacks. what are some realistic things where you'll save 150 calories. eat a small pack --

>> i don't eat one.

>> that's not something for you. you might have some cocoa roasted almonds.

>> okay.

>> anyway --

>> we know what to do with that.

>> eat it.

>> for dinner, something you can do is not eat less but smarter. have a light bunch. instead of fattier meat, go to extra lean meat .

>> yes or no to fries?

>> they're baked but they look the same.

>> and cold.

>> skip the regular dressing. balsamic.