TODAY   |  March 29, 2013

Hoda: ‘I stole a cowboy hat under my shirt’

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb talk about the hottest topics of the day. Up for discussion: a man who paid for something he stole years ago and wrote an apology letter, and whether the ladies have ever stolen anything.

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>>> hello, everybody. so nice to have you with us today. it's try day friday. known all around the world today as good friday.

>> it is.

>> march 29th. hope you have a blessed holiday season if you're celebrating passover or easter. it's a very, very special time of year for everybody.

>> a lot of families getting together, too.

>> families are getting together.

>> a lot of fun.

>> mad at me from yesterday. they thought i was teasing my mother outrageously.

>> yes.

>> but she was reunited with her grandson and her granddaughter.

>> and all was good.

>> all is fine.

>> all is fine.

>> i have to make a confession about blake , my dog.

>> yes.

>> blake .

>> your boyfriend.

>> my dog. will be coming home with me on saturday after all of the checkups and things that --

>> they are very, very serious about the care of these dogs. they don't just give them to anybody. they put you through a background check. i mean, you can get --

>> i didn't have that.

>> you can get guns easier than you can get dogs in this world.

>> you know what's interesting, blake now, if you hold the treat like he taught us yesterday and say blake , nicely, not blake ! blake . and sit. and he sit and then he ate the treat. it was crazy.

>> he was doing well after the show.

>> he did it twice and it was really good.

>> he's adorable. you got a good, good dog.

>> i do.

>> we have advice for you.

>> okay.

>> our facebook fans want you to be a good mommy.

>> yes.

>> a few people suggested attaching a bell on a string and putting it on the doorknob so every time you take the puppy out it will shake the bell, right, and that is going to remind him that he's going out to go poti. if he needs to go poti, he'll go and shake that bell.ty. if he needs to go potty, he'll go and shake that bell.

>> so a pavlov dog. the dog hits the bell himself when he has to go to the bathroom? why not just do it every few hours? isn't that what you're supposed to do?

>> it's the perfect thing.

>> the dog walker told me that depending on how many months old, that's how many hours there have to be in between going to the bathroom . if it's 3 months old, every three hours, four months, 4 hours.

>> thank goodness that doesn't afly plie to people.

>> we'd never have to go.

>> 60 hours i'd have to go. kimberly lope said litter train him. you hear about this for cat.

>> weird.

>> my shih tzu , be careful --

>> last time you remember what happened.

>> was litter trained. it was easy and she said no accidents at all.

>> have you ever seen a dog in a litter box ?

>> no.

>> seems a little weird.

>> if the dog doesn't mind, why do we? sam white said raising a puppy, brilliant, like raising a child, consistency and boundaries, two things that don't come easy to you, hoda woman. our jackie well said, hoda, please don't give him any liquor.

>> that's disgusting.

>> many more than a few suggested put the puppy in a play date.

>> one dog. but you know what's funny, people are very open with advice. i didn't realize. i never had a dog.

>> yeah.

>> they write on your facebook page. they tweet you. i've been getting e-mails consistently from some person, i don't know how he got my e-mail, but browbeating me a little. don't put the dog in a crate. i don't even know who you are.

>> what do you mean? every expert says crate dog bp.

>> not the person who secretly found out my e- mail address .

>> come out of the shadows, come out of the darkness. say who you are if you have something to say. otherwise, we don't hear you or listen to you. if you don't have the guts to say who you are and how you can be reached --

>> this e-mail was -- a lot of people on twitter do that, fake.

>> especially saying something unkind. don't be a cockroach that lives in the darkness. come out in the open.

>> let's celebrate. it's friday. we are celebrating our friday. what else is happening?

>> oh, that is good one, you guys. when you're skeptical in this world, you have to realize that there are great, great, great people out there, and here's one of them. this is a good one for good friday.

>> mr. nice guy .

>> this came from a facebook fan named chris. she was going to her mailbox and found a note in her mailbox. it came from someone many, many years ago when she had a store had stolen 20 bucks from her. in the envelope this letter said, years ago i took something out of your store. this should cover the cost with interest. i'm sorry.

>> i'm sorry. two words that are not used enough in our world.

>> an envelope in her mailbox, and she said her store's been closed for years, but it just restored her faith in people.

>> in human nature . good, good, good.

>> have you stolen anything from a store?

>> one time years ago when i was a little girl i stole a perfume. i remember it to this day and i felt just terrible.

>> yeah.

>> i took it back to the store.

>> you did.

>> i put it right back. i felt terrible about it. because it's wrong, no matter how lit it will thing is, it's not right.

>> this one time i stole a cowboy hat under my shirt. i don't know why -- it was a dare, a sorority dare.

>> you know hats don't fit you so why would you take a hat?

>> let's talk act some awkward easter photos. these are always winners. we've done them for christmas. this is for easter. a lot of families take their kids to see the big easter bunny at the mall.

>> this is the awkward family photo dotcom.

>> some of the pictures. oh, lord. first of all, those kids look miserable.

>> a lot of people are afraid of a very large bunny.

>> yeah. okay. next up, nothing says i love you like this.

>> that one's crazy.

>> oh, no, no, indeed.

>> those cats are not friends.

>> all right. so.

>> next to a puppy, a bunny is a precious little thing.

>> i agree.

>> some people think they're var min, critters.

>> bunnies are really cute. there is a billboard out there that's caught a lot of people's attention, including ours. we want to know if you think this photo is tasteful or not. it's to raise the awareness for colorectal awareness.

>> cover your butt. get a colonoscopy.

>> it came from the minnesota department of health . they thought it was a fun campaign so, a lot of people are saying it's disguing. i don't know. you see that everywhere. looked like a big --

>> maybe it's just because we live here. you can't walk down the hall -- anthony , i saw anthony 's yesterday. only saying that because his kids are visiting today.

>> oh, my god.

>> we love you, anthony . a lot of love.

>> in case you guys didn't know, this is the last day of national spring cleaning week.

>> why didn't somebody tell us on the first day so we could have gotten something done before the last day? have you done anything?

>> no, i haven't. you know i don't spring clean . not for me. you do that, don't you?

>> i like cleaning all the time because it just gives you a this great feeling of freshness and new beginnings and rebirth and resurrecti resurrection. just all year round.

>> really?

>> also, think of all the things you don't use that somebody could use.

>> that i get.

>> that's the best thing. take it to your local salvation army or your local whatever. just get rid of it and you'll feel doubly good. you'll feel clean and easy and breezy. and somebody's going to get a blessing from it, hoda woman.

>> i do feel good when i clean and i do it infrequently, but when i do do it, it's really great because it barely happens.

>> your clothes lately have been beautiful.

>> i want to thank my mom for yesterday's dress because she finds a dress in the window and i wear it, always perfect. i'd like to thank especially this week bobbie thomas. she was sick of my clothes, too.

>> she had it.

>> she was yelling uncle, hung up dresses and was, like, wear these. i just zipped them up.

>> beautiful. gorgeous. i think it is time for the kathie lee "friday funny."

>> all righty. i can't wait. is it over?

>> facebook fan from demi. she sent us this.

>> what is it?

>> a mother took her little boy to church. while in church the little boy said, mommy, i have to pee. the mother said to the little boy , it's not appropriate to say the word pee in church. so from now on, whenever you have to pee just tell me that you have to whisper. the following sunday the little boy went to church with his father, and during the service said to his daddy, daddy, i have to whisper. the father looked at him and said, okay, just whisper in my ear.

>> oh!

>> get it, kid?

>> no. they weren't listening. all right. time for our girl "bobbie's buzz."

>> i have some help this week. it looks like we have your dog up here. this is a really fun spring find. these are called fun buns. and this is from easy hair and extensions dotcom. this is the only scrunchy you can use.

>> i love my scrunchies. you know that.

>> i have it in the back of my hair right now. basically, they have a ton of colors so you can find the color to match your hair. but all you do is you wrap your hair around this scrunchy that has hair to conceal sort of any weird -- without the mike -- a bad hair day . anybody can do this. a half pony and --

>> that is so cute.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> cute.

>> and they have all different styles. there's also this that's really clever.

>> what is that?

>> this is called the elegant bun. thanks, sara. inside, you can hide your hair so on a bad hair day you just pop on the fake top knot , which is so great. they even have products for women who have thinning hair, and i'm a big fan of these. this is called the easy part and it has a fake sort of scalp looking piece so it doesn't look like a big but it gives you a little extra coverage.

>> a problem for ladies as they age.

>> it is. this is an exclusive first look. launching this month in 26 stores across the country, this is the pantone color iq. when you go in the store, it takes less than ten minutes and it's free. they'll take three pictures of your cheek, neck, and forehead. then you get a color iq number specific to you and it will match on their ipad across 1,500 products in the store so you instantly know which foundation scientifically matches your skin tone . you can edit down from there what benefits you want, spf or not, so perfect skin matches and it takes all the guessing out of it.

>> that is genius.

>> and last but not least, a new fun trend. people are doing these midfinger bracelets. it's just an interesting new place to wear a bracelet.

>> it's a bracelet.

>> i'm not sure i would wear it all the time but it's something that's popular right now.

>> thank you, bobbie.

>> all right. time for our "baby of the week." hi, miss sara.

>> time for our today's johnson's baby of the week. first up is little beautiful samantha lynn born to curt and elizabeth of mesa, arizona, on february 6th . mom says she was born with that much hair.

>> wow.

>> next up, adorable sydney haydin born february 17th in new york city to jenna and arthur alman. he already has two instant playmates, older siblings jalen and "nyla." alexander scott was born february 8th at the william beaumont army medical center in el paso , texas. a very proud mom and dad , amber and michael. and finally, olivia ann was born in --

>> oh.

>> -- ohio on january 26th .

>> look at that face.

>> to misty and alex who announce cleaning the house can wait. just enjoy your baby. congratulations to our b babies. if you want a chance, go to our website.

>> jimmy senior, the needer neederlander family, he is going to be 91 years old.

>> what?

>> yes, he is, on sunday. and so i can't be with him this year, but i send him my love, jimmy. we all adore you. we like to say good-bye to our stage manager jimmy kimelman, been with us for years, going off to a new life. we love you. wish you all the best.