TODAY   |  March 29, 2013

Meet the cutest babies of the week!

TODAY’s Sara Haines shares some of the cutest baby photos that our viewers sent in to us from the past week.

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>> time for our today's johnson's baby of the week. first up is little beautiful samantha lynn born to curt and elizabeth of mesa, arizona, on february 6th . mom says she was born with that much hair.

>> wow.

>> next up, adorable sydney haydin born february 17th in new york city to jenna and arthur alman. he already has two instant playmates, older siblings jalen and "nyla." alexander scott was born february 8th at the william beaumont army medical center in el paso , texas. a very proud mom and dad , amber and michael. and finally, olivia ann was born in --

>> oh.

>> -- ohio on january 26th .

>> look at that face.

>> to misty and alex who announce cleaning the house can wait. just enjoy your baby. congratulations to our b babies. if you want a chance, go to our website.

>> jimmy senior, the needer neederlander family, he is going to be 91 years old.

>> what?