TODAY   |  March 29, 2013

Dirty bedsheets or dirty towels: Which is worse?

Which is worse for you: Hitting snooze, or getting up with you’re really sleepy? Skipping breakfast, or eating a doughnut? Meaghan Murphy from Self  magazine hosts a fun quiz for TODAY’s Kathie Lee and Hoda.

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>>> there are times that come up during the day when you know what you're supposed to do but you're tempted to take the quicker or simpler or more tasty way out.

>> how can you make sure you're making healthy choices? "self" magazine's deputy editor megan murphy, very pregnant with her third baby, is here to put us to the test in a game called "which is worse?"

>> when is your baby due?

>> july.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> your third?

>> number three.

>> wow. so you're the emcee of this game?

>> yes.

>> is there a prize at the end?

>> i wish there was.

>> oh.

>> okay. let's do it. we're ready.

>> which is worse, a half-assed ten-second toothbrushing or a ten-second mouthwash swish?

>> mouthwash swishing.

>> the mouthwash is worse. you need the toothbrush to break up the plaque, get the food out, and most have alcohol so it can dry out your mouth and make your breath worse.

>> it can?

>> you know when your mouth gets dry with alcohol?

>> yeah.

>> worse. brush two minutes.

>> just go on.

>> which is worse, dirty bed sheets or dirty bath towels ?

>> i'm going with sheets.

>> bed sheets because bath towels -- bath sheets --

>> both wrong. it's the dirty bath towels because they have more bacteria, fungus and yeast because more germs. they love a damp environment. wash on high heat.

>> if you're sleeping this something, it has much more of an opportunity to shmaer.

>> don't say that.

>> we don't like moisture.

>> moist is a gross word.

>> okay. which is worse, hitting snooze over and over or dragging your half dead butt out of bed?

>> snooze is worse.

>> yeah.

>> you got it, snooze. the average snooze session is eight to nine minutes which doesn't give you any restful sleep. if your alarm goes off and you're half dead, go to bed 30 to 60 minutes earlier.

>> every time i hit snooze repeatedly i feel worse all day. every day i say why do i do that.

>> which is worse.

>> what is the question?

>> not eating your veggies or drowning them in butter and cheese.

>> drowning them in butter and cheese.

>> i'd say not eating -- i say the other one.

>> oh, my.

>> hoda would have been right. there's new research that says a little bit of fat with your greens can help you absorb fat soluble nutrients like beta carotene and lycopene. not saying they should be swimming in butter but --

>> you said drowning.

>> drowning is worse than swimming.

>> a little bit of fat.

>> the answer is --

>> that was all wrong.

>> give it some flavor but not a vat.

>> used the word drowning.

>> thank you. you're right.

>> okay.

>> which is worse, skipping breakfast or having a that doughnut in the morning meeting?

>> skipping breakfast. you should never.

>> doughnut is worse.

>> kathie lee is right. skipping break it is a is worse. you go in starvation mode, pig out later and it trains your body to store fat. if you're having the doughnut, go plain glaze and have it with a half cup of skim milk.

>> we have to go to commercial break , but who won?

>> you did.

>> i just want it to be a tie.

>> no, no, no.

>> i'm very immature.

>> i wish there was a