TODAY   |  March 29, 2013

Jay Leno spoofs bromance between Al, Willie

The TODAY anchors chat about the hot topics of the day, including TODAY’s own Willie Geist’s appearance on “The Tonight Show,” and a new survey that shows that goofing off in the workplace leads to greater job satisfaction.

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>> where carson usually hangs out. on the tonight tonight show last night, you were amazing, and love that you were hanging with kim k.

>> carson , don't get too comfortable on that bench. i'm coming home today.

>> i'm not.

>> that's right, my man. jay was so great, said to say hello to all you guys and there i was sitting next to kim kardashian giving her and kanye parenting advice, a little bit surreal, i guess.

>> whoa.

>> al, it seems like everywhere i go, and again last night, people want to talk about our infame out, i call it lovely, our little smooch we had about a mount or so ago. here was jay asking me about that.

>> why would i do that?

>> here you are.

>> ooh.

>> yeah.

>> okay, now, wait a minute.

>> wait a minute. now that is --

>> yeah.

>> now that's the edited version. isn't that right?

>> no, that's not right.

>> show the raw footage, okay.

>> i like the unedited version.

>> it looked so real.

>> it does.

>> what do you mean, it is real?

>> the full takedown. al, they love playing with you. that's the same show that did the secret service tackling you.

>> oh, yes.

>> did the handshake to joe biden . a lot of fun at our expense.

>> and they did that fantastic one with matt and the purel.

>> i'm surprised that joe michaels gave them the cutaway camera to reveal what was really happening.

>> joe didn't even know there was a cutaway camera.

>> anyways, a great time. coming home today and i'll see you back in the studio on monday but a lot more coming up from here a little bit later in the hour.

>> safe travels, willie. great job.

>> he was funny last night on leno. did you see it. kanye a great piece of advice, he'll wear the bjorn, what's he going to do with the jesus chain? great job. great stuff.

>> easter by the numbers.

>> yeah.

>> americans spending 7.2 billion on the easter according to the national retail federation . 91% of americans will buy chocolate, jelly beans and more.

>> nice. 48% will purchase clothing. i was surprised, remember everyone would doll up and you'd have the big ruffled skirts and now the kids don't dress up as much.

>> i just bought nikki a suit.

>> what are they spending that money on?

>> 48% on clothing. got to get your --

>> remember you used to get an easter suit with the tie.

>> just bought nicky a suit. he grew through the suit from last year.

>> i'm from texas, had to get a pair of white patent leather shoes. wore them on easter.

>> in 2011 americans spent $3,100 on the holiday and increased their spending this year.

>> and you still have a peep-a-phobia.

>> unless people are buying golden peeps, i don't know where this money is spent. i'm not a peeps peep. like these about a week after they have been sitting around.

>> is it the texture, what is it?

>> it's everything really, tamron. it's just -- it's the marshy mellowy.

>> i love chocolate easter bunnies .

>> if i left this here it would taste the same in 100 years.

>> what's your favorite easter canned?

>> the chocolate cadbury carmel eggs. money in the bank .

>> heaven in your hand.

>> take three, mom, mommy. mothers asked 88 questions a day. moms get asked 288 questions by their little ones every day.

>> they ask dad, what do we say, go ask your mother. go ask your mother.

>> mom, mom, mom.

>> 23 questions an hour.

>> mom, mom, mom.

>> stop it.

>> stop it.

>> 4-year-old girls, they are the ones that ask all the questions.

>> i wonder why that is. i just asked the question.

>> there you go.

>> it's during meals that most questions are asked. on average kids rattle off about 11 questions during mealtime.

>> i get to like can i eat this, no, you can't, no. how about this?

>> do you have strange questions, something your kid has asked you that took you off guard?

>> no, not really. i mean, he doesn't ask. he just -- he's a little like know it all. he tells me most things, you know.

>> carson , let me explain to you.

>> you're asking him questions.

>> there are articles of tough questions that kids ask their parents such as things like why iswater wet and what do you say to the kid? what's the answer to that?

>> because it is.

>> go ask your mother.

>> that's right. look it up, kid.

>> how do fish breathe underwater?

>> well, i'm not sure i know the answer to that.

>> the gills.

>> the fishy is swimming and the water goes through the mouth and takes the oxygen out of the water and goes through the gill and then the carbon dioxide and the water goes out fish's butt, that's what i would say.

>> that's exhausting. my 6-year-old niece whose birthday was friday says why can't i have more than two american girl dolls . and she said i only have two hands, paused and walked away.

>> quick on your feet.

>> logic.

>> got two feet, so give me a doll, woman.

>> can you imagine the answers that snooki has to get with all the moms asking your questions.

>> why does that cross your mind?

>> these are tough questions. she's a new mom.

>> the bonus take, as much as i like bacon i'm not really sure this is the way to go. april fools or not, bacon is going to be finding its way into scope mouthwash, take a look.

>> this can't be real.

>> behold, the time has come to declare the crowning achievements in the world of bacon . level one bacon , level two, carbonated bacon , three, spreadable bacon , four, lather up, five, naming your offspring bacon and six, set the mood, seven, permanent bacon , eight, hone i love you bacon . nine, oh, this little old thing and bacon legal ten a bacon bacon . now. what could basically top bacon level ten, it's none other than bacon 11, it's bacon scope for breath that sizzles.

>> this is a real thing in.

>> i don't know.

>> did we run out of bacon ? because as long as there's this.

>> well.

>> smells delicious.

>> bacon has been very popular now in desserts, you know.

>> oh, yeah.

>> in the chocolate.

>> had the ice cream with bacon , very interesting.

>> wrap the peep in the bacon , that might help.

>> by the way, this isn't real.

>> april fool 's joke.

>> you think so.

>> this is our friends at scope trying to get a little business and it's working because we're talking about it on the "today" show.

>> and listen, they say everything is better with bacon unless