TODAY   |  March 29, 2013

‘Voice’ contestant ‘overwhelmed’ by coach responses

In an exciting premiere week on “The Voice,” one contestant really stood out: Judith Hill, a former backup singer for Michael Jackson. She talks about how she managed to turn heads as well as the coaches’ chairs, and how she feels about the upcoming competition.

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>> week with carson at our side "the voice" is officially back. one contestant who has really stood out, 28-year-old judith hill. but i never touched because in my heart there was a picture of her

>> judith turned heads and the coaches' chairs on monday night with a beautiful performance, and she joins us here in los angeles bright and early. judith , good to see you.

>> glad to be here.

>> i know you've been up all night singing so we won't give your voice too much of a workout. what's it been like for you to sit there and have adam levine , shakira, blake shelton fight over you?

>> man, it was so incredible. i mean, i was -- i wouldn't believe that they were so passionate about it and -- and they gave me so much love. i felt so overwhelmed and blessed to be up there.

>> you had them up on their chairs dancing during your performance. why did you ultimately go with adam? what was it about him?

>> i think i thought that it would make for a really cool collaboration, him being sort of a pop/rock guy and me being a soul singer and i wanted to try something different, and i think that, you know, watching him on the previous seasons, i really liked how he worked with the contestants.

>> you were a backup singer to michael jackson , part of his this is it tour. almost four years ago now that michael jackson passed away . what did you take away from working with michael jackson ? what did you learn?

>> man, i learned so many things. i think the main thing i learned is follow my dreams. he was the living example of someone who made it happen and just seeing him work on that stage, just inspired me to work so hard on what i do and to go for the, you know, my biggest dreams.

>> i was so interested to hear you just talking earlier say that you didn't want exploit or capitalize on michael jackson 's death. a lot of people came to you in the wake of his death. they had seen you on the tour and said we want to make you a star. we want to put you out front and center and you said no. how come?

>> it was a very sensitive time. he had just passed, and we were all grieving and mourning. the world was mourning, and, you know, we needed to take time and process it, and respect the fact that he had just passed. so, yeah, i'm really glad that i didn't do anything at the time, and it was a blessing at the same time because i took the time to grow as an artist in the next four years, and i think that now i feel more ready to grow and ready to come out as a solo artist .

>> is it scary at all, judith , to step out of the background and be at the front of the stage alone on "the voice? ".

>> i've been a background singer for a while and it's very scary to be out there and be judged this. show is all about competition and i'm a very sensitive person so to put myself out there, it can be scary, but i'm excited and i think that it's going to grow me and stretch me.

>> you're definitely not a backup singer anymore. you're a star. really fun to watch you. judith hill, thanks for waking up. catch more of "the voice's" blind auditions monday and tuesday night at 8:00, 7:00 central, of course, right here