TODAY   |  March 29, 2013

Hot in Hollywood, fashion: ‘The Host,’ midi skirts

Entertainment, celebrity and style experts Ramin Setoodeh, Michelle Beadle and Jenn Falik share the latest news and trends in their worlds, including the premiere of the new teen film “The Host,” some newly released photos of the John F. Kennedy Jr., and trendy midi skirts and bow-tie necklaces.

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>>> okay, matt. thanks. speaking of celebrities, it's time for "what's new, what's up, what's in" and we've got three people definitely knows what's going on in hollywood. let's start with the senior writer for "newsweek" so what's up in the world of film, a new film " g.i. joe " this weekend.

>> the sequel to the second " g.i. joe " movie. a lot of the ads show channing tatum in the first movie. he's actually not a big part of the second one. wayne johnson is the star. bruce willis is also in it. the movie opened on thursday actually. made $11 million in its first day of release so it's going to be a big movie.

>> the next move "the host," tweens rejoice.

>> the author of "twilight" wrote this. instead of vampires it's aliens host their bodies. i hope that hasn't happened to you.

>> i hope not and "the place beyond the pines" with one of our favorites bradley cooper .

>> this is direct ed by ryan gosling .

>> taylor swift with a new concert called red.

>> she does.

>> what did you wear to the concert?

>> i went to the concert and wore a green shirt. everyone wears red, all the girls wear red, plays a red guitar and sings into a red microphone but if you go, wear red.

>> for pink, she has a could be sert, too.

>> pink's concert is called "the truth about love" and what's so great about her is that she flies like superwoman. she's on bungee chords and she's singing and lev stating, really extraordinary.

>> and she just started her show called " set the world on fire " and she's headed towards east coast this week.

>> let's do some broadway. "lucky guys,".

>> nora ephraim's final play starring tom hanks as a newspaper columnist that opens on april 1st . if you want tickets, get tickets early.

>> alec baldwin in "orphans." tell us about that.

>> shia labeouf was originally cast, fired. ben foster was replaced by shiia went to one of the first previews and gave the play a standing ovation. really liked it.

>> thanks so much.

>> thanks for having me.

>> and now here is al.

>> savannah, thanks so much. what's up in the world of celebrity? michelle beadle is a correspondent for " access hollywood " and also the host of "cross-over" on the nbc sports network. they are going wild for you, going crazy. so the news, let's start off. barbara walters , 84. saying she is retiring next year.

>> that's right. it's looking like may of '14 is going tonight big day , and you know this is going to be a year of -- it's like when mariano rivera said i'm going to retire. now you get a year of celebrations, presents, gifts and we get to honor her.

>> she was a big part of this show.

>> a big part of every woman in this business, obviously someone who we all had to look up to at one point or another so i think it will be a good year for her.

>> before that we heard about joy behar leaving the view allegedly, elisabeth hasselbeck leaving, so they will actually have to remake the show.

>> sometimes you blow up the show and start over and see what happens.

>> good news for actress kristen bell . her husband dax shepherd welcoming little lincoln bell into the world.

>> the cutest most real couples out there as far as that's concerned. they tweeted about, you know, she has things in common with her daddy because she likes boobees as much as baby.

>> thank you, thank you. photo of jfk jr . in the cockpit of the presidential helicopter just been posted at the kennedy library .

>> yeah.

>> will we be seeing more of that, do you think?

>> just hanging out, as kids of a president would do. not new photos. but now the photos are on the internet, put up a lot of photos we wouldn't have a lot of access to. 50-year-old pictures.

>> look so contemporary.

>> and finally the duggars, 19 children, 2 grand, they told "people" magazine they are opening to adopting after they visit an orphanage in china? this is a family with no limitations on the size. they take their faith and religion very seriously and they said if that's what's in the plan, it's in the plan.

>> a lot of people make fun but who is to say.

>> a lot of kids.

>> michelle beadle , thank you.

>> now tamron.

>> i'm here with our style expert who likes fashion so much she's sleeveless in the cold weather . tell us what's in in fashion this spring.

>> the first big trend in the mini skirt . seems a little daunting but can be.

>> you're not saying mini, myodi, between the knee and the ankle, from ross. they come in petite. it's about the proportion. they can are 59.50.

>> and what about the dresses?

>> dresses in black and white graphic prints, under $10.

>> black and white is right.

>> okay. what about accessories?

>> bow accessories. the collar, necklace and now like the bowtie necklace but it's all in different aspects. these are charming.

>> not too girly.

>> remember the white tuxedo we're seeing, very cute way to dress it up.

>> eyewear.

>> statement sunglasses.

>> these are sunglasses. i could be wearing these right now.

>> these have fur.

>> all different kinds of grady things.

>> i feel like lady gaga .

>> they look great own.

>> it's all about being bold, like a statement necklace, your sunglasses can be a statement.

>> i have a unibrow. very nice, very nice.

>> in the beauty world this is a line called hello, an oral hairline, natural ingredients .

>> who knew that mouth care would be trendy. this is so intriguing.

>> lip balm , we love it, now it's lip oil. hour glass cosmetics, by beauty, rami beauty, tart seen coming out with this. balmier than a balm and works also as a lipstick.

>> gives you color.

>> more of a shine. do it before you put on your color or afterwards.

>> very nice. i love this list. i cannot lie. i don't know about the glasses.

>> they are working for you.

>> i'm not hip enough. thank you, jen, and coming up, today's top clicks after your local news and weather.