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>>> we're back at 8:11. it may be hard to imagine the biggest names in hollywood struggling to land roles, but now some never-before-seen audition tapes are hitting the auction block, revealing a very different side to some of your favorite stars. darren julian and martin nolan are from julien's auction house . welcome back. 54 of these audition tapes going up for auction from one casting director who is now retired. he wants to remain unanimous. why in.

>> three casting directors , but they have cast some of the biggest films in hollywood, and the reason they want to remain anonymous is because they are used to making stars . they have not been stars themselves so, you know, it's just a privacy.

>> very private people.

>> selling these tapes for a special reason, just to generate some cash?

>> we talked them into it actually.

>> retirement fund.

>> let's get to the first movie, "the outsiders" coming of age movie starring matt dillon , ralph maceo and tom cruise . a lot of people don't realize it was a short lived television season that aired on fox in 1990 and one of today's biggest stars on the planet auditioned for the role of pony boy. take a look.

>> what do they have against us anyhow? just because we don't have money and they do.

>> who can figure it.

>> a little.

>> kiddo, it don't mean nothing, you know, you've just got a lot more responsibility now that mom and dad have died. he loves you a lot. know that.

>> by the way, the tv series was produced by francis ford coppolo and got a part in the pilot but a small part.

>> short lived, only 14 episodes.

>> let's move on to "backdraft," the hit from the 1990s , 2000 .

>> 1919 with b chicago fire fighter starring billy baldwin and robert de niro but believe it or not a lot of a-listers were hoping to get parts. take a look.

>> you know, it's just -- these are stations are part of the commissioner wrecking this department. i mean, for every one of these -- these disneylands that he's built he's closed three old firehouses. he's cutting manpower.

>> just call me names.

>> you're up here. be reminded that it doesn't matter what a candidate does, nobody, nobody passes through this place without my personal sticker on it. i want you to quit, brian.

>> no, sir. it's not going to happen. sorry.

>> all right. let's talk about some of these guys here.

>> yeah.

>> well, it's keanu reeves auditioning here with the director of the movie, ron howard .

>> that's right.

>> it was robert downey jr . and brad pitt . known of them got the role.

>> billy baldwin got the role.

>> because he looked more like he could be kurt russell 's brother.

>> is it common for an actor to audition with the director of the movie like that?

>> in this case robert downey jr . auditions three times with the role, twice with ron howard , and i think it was because they were really consideration him for to role.

>> " jurassic park ," a blockbuster film 1993 . some huge stars trying out for the role of dr. ellie sattler, instead of saying which ones, let's take a look at the tapes.

>> hearing from things, turning their heads so they can hear, or maybe it's just ritual behavior, species specific behavior that serves to identify them to one another, or maybe there's a broader meeting. it's weird. maybe dinosaurs are weird. maybe it's some kind of communication.

>> is there a tranquil effect with the sed difficulties? what is that animal's range?

>> about five square miles .

>> in this general area?

>> that's helen hunt . we saw gwyneth paltrow before.

>> that's right.

>> you're putting 146 these audition tapes for this together. what kind of money do you think this is going to generate?

>> the " jurassic park " audition tapes 2,000 to 4,000 conservatively but it would be 4,000 to 10,000. never know. we've never sold something like this, so it's hard to say.

>> all right. let's take a look at another one. this is an iconic '80s film "the sure thing." it starred john cusack as the lovestruck college freshman gibb. here is the first starring role for this guy. he had immediate chemistry with his co-star in the film, daphne zuniga . take a look at audition tape.

>> fragrant meadows.

>> they went on obviously to star in that movie. let's move on. 1990 , nicole kidman made a name for herself in the move "days of thunder" but she did not take a role in the movie "shattered" in the movie the following here. that role went to greta sachi. actually she was offered the part. here's her audition.

>> i was -- i was so lonely i wanted to die. i had no sense of identity. i lost my sense of hope. i lost -- i lost it all.

>> she was offered it but didn't take it. why?

>> well, she did take the role in "days of thunder." i have to watch how i say that, and that's when she met tom cruise , of course, and they did three movies together, but you can see, matt, how passionate she is. that's an audition. she's giving it all right there. she eats ultimate professional.

>> she had the waterworks going there. and finally russell crowe and jennifer connolly both auditioned for their parts that they ultimately got in "a beautiful mind ." take a look at the audition.

>> all right. the casting director did a pretty good job here because russell crowe actually ron a golden globe for his role, and jennifer connolly .

>> she got best supporting actress and academy award for best supporting actress and the golden globe as well so a slew of awards.

>> i think it's fun. people will have a fun time looking at this. they know these stars as megawatt stars, but at some point they all had to go in front of a small home camera and actually audition for a role which is cool.

>> absolutely, and they are going on the auction block next