TODAY   |  March 29, 2013

Andy Cohen: ‘I’m proud of’ Nene Leakes

The host of “Watch What Happens Live” and Bravo vice president talks about his book “Most Talkative,” now a New York Times best-seller, and reveals his favorite “Real Housewife” of the moment.

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>>> andy cohen is a man of many talents. he's the host of bravo's "watch what happens live," the network vice president of development and talent and the man responsible for the success of "the real housewives " franchise and also the best selling author of "most talkative, stories from the front lines of pop culture " coming out in paperback next week. andy, good morning. good to see you.

>> how are you?

>> "most talkative," how did you ever come up?

>> can you believe it i? was most talkative and i haven't stopped talking since -- since the days back in st. louis, yeah.

>> your book spent 13 weeks on the "new york times" best-seller list.

>> yes.

>> in case anyone doesn't know, this is not one of the celebrities has a ghostwriter situation. you wrote this.

>> i did. i love writing. go iowa state . i love writing, and -- and -- and it's -- it was so fun. i have so many stories to tell, and i -- i had the best time writing this book.

>> the reviewers loved it except for one, your mom.

>> well, she enjoyed it. she had very specific notes on the book, and she didn't like it that i portrayed her as screaming a lot. we all have voice modulation problems in my family.

>> yes.

>> we overmodulate. we're screamers, and she didn't like how i characterized that in print, but otherwise she was -- she was all right with it. she plays a crucial role in my book, yeah.

>> you are best known, of course, for launching "the housewives" franchise.

>> yes.

>> do you have a favorite housewife, or is that like asking you to pick your favorite child in.

>> that is horrible. that is a terrible question, savannah.

>> come on.

>> i would get in terrible trouble. i will say that -- i'm especially right now proud -- i love it when any of them really succeed.

>> you're stalling.

>> i am stalling.

>> you know what, nene leaks right now is going through a major period of success from, of course, "the housewives of atlanta." a starring role on "the new normal." how's that?

>> do you have a least favorite housewife?

>> oh, yes, let me tell everybody about it.

>> anybody like, hey world, sorry, world, for exposing you to the person?

>> let me rank my least favorite. no, love them all.

>> you have your own show on bravo, a big executive there, and as soon as you got that job you gave yourself a show. you set the record straight in this book.

>> absolutely. it takes a lot to get your own show on tv. as you know, i gave up my dream of being on tv and worked behind the scenes . i've been behind the scenes for 23 years. i started at cbs news. was there for ten years. someone told me i had a terrible wandering eye and to give up any thought of being on television, which i did, so the story of how i then crazily wound up in front of the camera is -- has many twists and turns.

>> it's pretty amazing.

>> yeah.

>> but you also have a real eye for talent. in yourself and other people, except for one thing.

>> okay.

>> " top chef ," when you first saw it, you didn't think this show was going to be good?

>> i was worried. i've had a couple of stupid moments in my career, and i remember being on the set of that schott show at the beginning in san francisco season one thinking what is this show going to be? is it going to be horrible? we were wondering if the name was good. we had a lot of questions. you know, you doubt yourself, but i think as tv producers, if you don't doubt yourself, you never, you know, i don't know.

>> " top chef " is one of my absolute favorites.

>> love that show.

>> before we let you go.

>> yes.

>> we like to do, take a walk through, a stroll through your hairstyles.

>> many embarrassing photos in my book. that was a joke, my hair in college, hilarious.

>> that again, also, i was kind of making a joke but that's early '90s. horrible, embarrassing. that was when i got a makeover on the morning show on cbs.

>> were you going for that flock of seagulls look.

>> early '90s, new kids on the block . on my show next week.

>> the book is called "most talkative" coming out in paperback.

>> on tuesday out in paperback.

>> andy cohen , always great to have you.

>> i love your shoes, by the way.

>> thanks so much, amazing.

>> appreciate that.

>> we're back in a moment, but, first, this is "today" on nbc.