TODAY   |  March 29, 2013

2 grandpas face off in 100-meter dash

It’s viral-video gold when two grandfathers, one 95 and the other 94, go head to head in a 100-meter dash in Belgium. The two were competing at a race for military veterans.

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>>> kicking it old school, really old school. take a look. watch what happens as these two face off in the 100 meter dash . the 95-year-old from finland gets off to a strong start but then keep looking but then here comes the youngster from belgium.

>> slow and steady.

>> sucking the air out. boom, boom, bam, there you go. the two are competing at a race for vets. look at him, arm in the air, like a true champion. go, go, go. you can do it. i love the socks. i feel someone behind