TODAY   |  March 28, 2013

Celebrate Easter with festive table decor

Kimberly Schlegel Whitman from Southern Living magazine shows TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb some creative ways to decorate festive adult and kids’ tables for Easter using elements of nature and items found around your home.

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>>> it is time for " happy easter today." if you're hosting the holiday at your house, we have special ways to dress up your easter table.

>> that's right. kimberly, editor at large of " southern living " magazine, she's very pregnant and very beautiful. she's here to turn your table into a conversation piece . congratulations.

>> thank you.

>> when are you due?

>> july.

>> you look beautiful.

>> just gorgeous.

>> thank you.

>> a great table.

>> thank you. a little ips participation here. we grabbed some moss, put it on a big silver tray.

>> not expensive at all.

>> exactly. you can get it anywhere. from the backyard even. make some jars filled with some easter flowers and chocolate bunnies.

>> perfect.

>> that's all you have to do.

>> what says happiness like a tul tul tulip?

>> or a chocolate bunny.

>> or a puppy.

>> i like the name plates .

>> we always say at " southern living " it's the tiny touches that make your guests feel special. we made little place cards for everybody. they can take them home and plant them and they'll have a lasting memory.

>> beautiful.

>> i love this.

>> i dressed for this table.

>> forsythia.

>> i have a little trick. since it's cold outside, if you bring them into your warm house today or tomorrow, put hem in warm water and they will hopefully spore some out in time for easter lunch. just some branches. we know we can get those right now. we hung little easter eggs from it. we brought the colors down to the table. even if it's a simple white place, pull out your pretty linens.

>> what's going on? little chocolate eggs ?

>> it's so fun to put a little something special at each place setting .

>> i like the way you did the napkin thing, too.

>> and those we found on sale, which is so fun when you find bright colors on sale.

>> we have some buddies here.

>> a couple bunnies.

>> what are they doing?

>> coloring using our center piece. acrylic sand. the sand and the crayons. we lined the table with paper so that they could color away. and look at their napkins.

>> look at the napkins.

>> oh, no, indeed.

>> carrot.

>> so clever.

>> isn't that fun?

>> they still have bright colors and mix and match plates and place mats and things. we also made healthy snacks for them. there's chocolates and candies everywhere easter day . we filled these little terra-cotta pots with parchment paper resting in the bottom, carrots on the top. you know, when there is a healthy snack, at least if it looks cute maybe they'll be more tempted to go for it.

>> you made that?

>> of course you did.

>> i love it.

>> no one's eating the carrots. but anyway.

>> he did. was it good?

>> good.

>> all right. thank you so much.

>> thanks, guys.

>> ten pounds by memorial day .