TODAY   |  March 28, 2013

7 tips to help calm the craziness at work

Lesley Jane Seymour from More magazine and life coach Gail Blanke explain that even though work can sometime seem overwhelming, you can stay focused and productive there by changing your mental attitude, clearing your desk of clutter and making a simple “to do” list.

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>>> all right. time for our special series we called "frazzled to focused." today we're tackling your workday to help you concentrate when you're being pulled in a million different directions.

>> leslie james seymour is editor in chief of "more" magazine and gayle blanky is a life coach and the author of

"throw out 50 things: clear the clutter and find your life." nice to see you.

>> sometimes there's a lot going on in your life. at work it is hard to stay laser focused because your name is going in a million different directions. right?

>> absolutely. start with a little electronic reminder list. it can be on your phone and it can remind you. it will actually go off. you can put it next to your bed at night if you're one of those people that wakes up --

>> a beeper like.

>> you can program it all in. it will go off all week for you and you can check off the little boxes if you're a checker-offer like i am.

>> you are.

>> i am.

>> is that important to have to to-do list?

>> i think it's good to have a not to do list, too. i'm really into that lately because it's spring and it's time to let go of stuff and clear the cluter from your mind because it's the mental clutter, i call it life plaque, that can really hold you back. i think you could put on your not to do list is to stop thinking about how you have to be everything, do everything for everybody. everybody has to like you, which is one of the things we learn about a lot. the thing is only the only thing everybody likes is water because it has no taste. right? so you want to be like water?

>> no.

>> we want to be like wine.

>> fine wine.

>> margarita.

>> one of the great things as you get older is you don't worry about people.

>> you stop to worry about the ones that don't matter.

>> you can't control it.

>> and the ones who don't.

>> realistically, if you're being pulled in a million different directions with kids to pick up and things to do, husband, dinner, how do you -- what's the advice when it comes to feeling that kind of fraz l pd.

>> when you're cuckoo like that, one of the things you can do for work, sounds crazy, but if you take an hour on a saturday or sunday, say you are overwhelmed by the amount of things you have to do. go into work for an hour. get it done when no one's there. clear it all away and you will actually move much faster through your workday on those regular workdays.

>> and if you're driving somewhere, don't put on the news, which is all bad, only upsets you.

>> classical music .

>> enea or somebody like that that soothes your soul. put on james taylor . you'll feel great.

>> that's a funny thing which i hadn't thought about, but we have that constant try vooi obama administration. i know i do in my house. sometimes when i turn it all off and put music on and i'm not listening to the voices, that definitely slows things down.

>> editing is a really big thing for us. not saying -- i'm working with people right now to stop assuming the worst. you know, the air around you. you know, you can -- if it doesn't enter your e-mail. if they didn't like my idea, maybe it wasn't a good idea, maybe this whole thing isn't that good, maybe i'm not that good.

>> good point.

>> the funny thing that happens is they didn't answer your e-mail. why wait to be unhappy when i can be unhappy now?

>> exactly. great point.

>> these are all good ideas, you guys. thanks, ladies.

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