TODAY   |  March 28, 2013

‘Worst robber ever’ forgets mask, trips over curb

A would-be burglar was caught on camera peeking through the glass door of a Northern California convenience store before realizing he had forgotten to slip his stocking over his face. The video then shows him reappearing with his identity concealed, failing to break through the door with a rock, and tripping over a parking curb when he tries to run away.

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>>> is this the worst robber ever? check out what a northern california convenience store caught on its surveillance camera. first, the would be burglar peeks his head in the glass door, but then he realized he's forgotten to slip his stocking over his face, then he reappears, tosses the rock through the window. not without tripping over the concrete curb. it is now nine minutes after the hour, i own those pants. was it me?