TODAY   |  March 28, 2013

Bow to wow! Adopt these shelter pets

TODAY’s Jill Rappaport presents four adorable dogs and a cat who are made over and ready to be adopted! Are you the forever home for these lovable pets?

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>>> we're back now with from bow to wow where we find loving homes for our animals from shelter and animal advocate jill rappaport is back and still boasting about that 100% success rate. jill , good morning.

>> ain't too proud to brag. spring is here, love is in the air . and can you think of a better time to save a life? and we have an all-star lineup today. two pups, two pooches, and a perfect feline.

>> oh, you are a handsome devil , aren't you, max?

>> he is so beautiful, this boy. and he's what a yorkshire?

>> yeah, he was rescued as a stray.

>> and a real angel.

>> ready for your close-up, chiquita. she's just a love, isn't it?

>> and she was rescued as a stray.

>> usually you do have to watch their weight and be careful with their back, but they are the most wonderful dogs, considering i have one myself. yes. oh this, is myley, right?

>> and she's one.

>> beautiful.

>> oh, when you rub her, she falls asleep.

>> come here, sherlock . oh, here you go, buddy. he says i'm free. hello.

>> seven months old. he's got a lot of play in him.

>> and sherlock is a terrier mix, right?

>> a terrier mix.

>> thank you so much. oh, yes, i know, i know.

>> and finally, we have a female bundle of pug love mix.

>> and she's a 9-month-old pug mix and rescued as a stray.

>> and she's really a good girl.

>> yeah.

>> as always, we are joined not only by jill but richard of animal care and control in new york city . good to see you, richard .

>> matt, thank you.

>> i like this group of pets here. i think we start with max.

>> yeah, max.

>> all right.

>> max is brought out this morning by carson daly . max, believe it or not is learning how to walk a little bit better on the leash. a little bit of a picky eater, but overall, really great dog.

>> love it.

>> beautiful dog.

>> 2 years old. really cute dog. look at the personality on him. carson, do you have a dog?

>> i don't.

>> yes, you do. congratulations. thank you so much. carson, thank you. max, thank you.

>> next one we have is sophie . sophie 's being handled not so well by kathie lee gifford .

>> we're trying to get these dogs --

>> there you go. richard , what do we need to know about sophie ? we know about kathie lee .

>> she's a puppy with a lot of energy. she'll settle down, though.

>> loves attention. got to give a lot of attention. you're a good team, kathie lee .

>> she's so sweet, she's energetic.

>> all right, kathie lee , thank you very much. next up we have sherlock and sherlock is being brought out by hoda. and hoda, who's your friend?

>> hanna .

>> hi, hanna , how are you?

>> sherlock is another puppy learning very quickly. and he's learning tricks and overall just a great dog.

>> hanna , thank you very much. hoda, thank you very much. sherlock , nice to see you. chiquita is next and brought out by tamron hall .

>> the quiet one of the group, very mellow.

>> opposites attract.

>> really great dog. good by hearse and other dogs.

>> don't let them fool you. very smart, they come into their own once they get in the home.

>> yeah, her personality will come out once she gets settled in.

>> thank you very much. and next we have mylie the cat. hi, what are your names?

>> hannah and emily.

>> turn this way, let's see miley. really great in a home by herself for right now.

>> the sweetest pet.

>> it's a great time of year to get your pets vaccinated, get to your vet. the annual check-up and think about vaccinating -- we're back right after this.

>>> you know your music.

>> okay. welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. march 28th ,