TODAY   |  March 28, 2013

8 beauty products that do double duty

When you’re busy, finding products that can serve more than one purpose can be a huge time-saver. Lifestyle Megan Meany of shows some beauty products that multitask.

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>>> this morning on "today's" double duty, beauty products that serve more than one purpose and can get you out the door faster. lifestyle expert is the creator of megan's this is supposed to be the one- stop shopping of products.

>> that's right. save you time, space and money.

>> the first one is a body wash that has multiple functions.

>> that's right. this is for men. nivea makes this. this is body wash, shaving cream , and shampoo. they've perfected all three, it lathers, moisturizes, only about $8 at the drugstore. really great for the gym or i think my nephews in college, throw it in the shower caddy. you're done, three in one.

>> you've got a 2-in-1 here for the folicly challenged.

>> who knew.

>> but if you had a bald head , you should clean it. this is the perfect ph balance , the bald cleanser. doesn't overactivate the glands so you can wash your face and head and you're done.

>> heading into fake tan season. tell me about what this one does.

>> so this is brazilian tan's new true tan. it includes the exfoiliant. this does it for you. it's inside already with the color and i have to tell you, this is the best smelling.

>> does it smell?

>> you know self-tanner sometimes has --

>> oh, it does.

>> it smells like perfume. it's great.

>> yeah.

>> that's from true tan. you can get it at bluming dale's. this is a manicure set all in one. you unscrew the bottom of the nail pack and inside is you can see right here is a nail file , a round nail file and already presoaked nail polish remover pad. how clever is that? all day yesterday, was like, going to be on the "today" show, need a manicure, plopped down on my bed and -- by the way, she named them after her girls. i did brooke.

>> big day for brooke.

>> $15 from duality cosmetics. it is raw coconut cream , very trendy right now. this does three things. it's raw and organic so all the enzymes are still intact. it nourishes your skin, takes off your make-up, it's also a moisturizer, and wait for it, it's a deodorant.

>> i thought you were going to say doing my taxes. that would be impressive.

>> if you're going away for the weekend, of you got three things in one. it's $18, you can get it on rmf beauty.

>> this is all in one eye make-up.

>> new line, they sell it at cvs, this is the trio. it's got three parts. there is a liquid eye shadow , there's a highlighter and an eye liner . again, it's about $7 at cvs. if you want to use the liner during the day at work and you've got a party after, you've got all in one.

>> thank you so much. great ideas, appreciate you bringing them