TODAY   |  March 28, 2013

Star of controversial Nike ad loses 32 pounds

Nathan Sorrell came into the public spotlight last summer as the overweight young star of a Nike commercial. The ad was criticized by some as exploitative, but he’s back in the studio to talk the 32 pounds he’s lost.

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>> have an update this morning on the unlikely young star of a nike ad that had people talking last summer. take a look.

>> greatness is not some rare dna strand . it's not some precious thing. greatness is no more unique to us than breathing. we're all capable of it. all of us.

>> and nathan weighed 232 pounds at the time. some criticized the ad at the time of being exploitive, something he addressed here on "today."

>> you have somebody completely physically fit did that commercial, they would still get, as they say, haters.

>> so there have been supporters --

>> nathan is now proving his greatness, dropping 32 pounds, he's here along with his mom. good morning to both of you.

>> good morning.

>> you see yourself when you were here on the "today" show last, there's less of you. is this exciting to see?

>> it is really. i still can't believe that was me then and this is me now. it looks a lot different.

>> has this commercial been a big motivator for you?

>> completely. i would never have changed my lifestyle if i was not in this commercial. that's not the only reason, but that helped.

>> why do you think it worked?

>> mostly because, you know, the support and, you know, everybody helping me and just everything like that. everybody just seemed like all of a sudden they just would help --

>> they're rooting for you.

>> and monica, you've been watching this transformation. how have you changed not just physically? but his confidence and emotionally?

>> well, obviously, he's much more confident and has a lot more energy. it 's wonderful to see him be able to enjoy the things he loves like basketball and keep up with his friends without being so tired all the time.

>> well, nathan , you have the chance to inspire this morning. i think you've done that. tell us a little bit about the changes you've made in your life. what you used to do and what you're doing now.

>> well, first of all, the other night, you know, for dinner, i got a turkey sandwich . usually that would be a double hamburger, cheese, all that stuff. instead of fries now i got fruit. but usually it would be fries. you know, just stuff like that. little changes. that's, obviously carried me 32 pounds less.

>> you've lost 30 pounds, and frankly, monica, you're doing this at a pace you hope will ultimately give lasting results.

>> exactly. exactly. i know some people feel that 30 pounds in six months is not that big of a deal, but our goal is that he carries it lifelong. he's learning to make good choices and his diet and nutrition and get up and move on a regular basis so that will stay off.

>> tell us about getting up and moving. we saw you running in the commercial, but you don't love running, right?

>> no.

>> what's your favorite kind of exercise?

>> my favorite kind of exercise, it may not be really considered exercise, but last 15 or 20 minutes of my workout session, me and my trainer play basketball. and since i love basketball so much, if i do a good workout, he gives me 20 or 30 minutes of basketball the last half.

>> i think it counts as exercise. in fact, we're taking on these ladies outside, maybe we'll get you to play with us a little bit. so you lost your 30 pounds, what's your next goal?

>> i'm going to try another 30, probably about the same time frame . try to get it done within six months maybe.

>> good luck to you. a lot of inspiration for a lot of kids. really appreciate having you here.

>> thank you.