TODAY   |  March 28, 2013

Who’s ‘On The Verge’? Ryan Seacrest gives a clue

In a new series, TODAY’s Ryan Seacrest will feature stars in business, sports and music who are about to hit it big. Who will be his first pick? Ahead of his interview Friday, he gives viewers a clue.

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>> ever wonder who will be the next sports star or music star who is on the verge of a big business idea. we're starting a new series called on the verge and ryan seacrest is part of spotting this new talent. and here's a look.

>> hello there. so here is a clue for the first guests in our "on the verge" series, which i'm excited about. ready? it can be a refuge for the young and the hip. an adventure for any age or a lifeline for those who open their doors. the best part, everyone shares the experience. if you think you know, tweet your guests wit with #onthevergetoday, and visit for another clue. i'll be back tomorrow