TODAY   |  March 27, 2013

Picasso painting sells for $155 million, highest ever

A hedge fund manager has sold a Picasso painting for $155 million, the highest amount ever paid for Picasso’s work. The painting, “Le Revv,” suffered a 6-inch gash six years ago, but the owner paid $90 thousand to have it repaired.

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>>> a record price has been set for a picasso . hedge fund manager steve cohen paid $155 million for "le rev," a portrait of one of picasso 's mistresses. he bought it from billionaire steve winn . that's not what the mistress really looks like. winn accidently -- listen to this -- accidently put a six-inch gash into the painting six years ago. $90,000 to repair the gash. this is the highest price ever paid for a picasso .