TODAY   |  March 27, 2013

Shed pounds with your pup at K9 Fit Club

With bathing suit season fast approaching, many are looking for ways to drop the winter weight. Now, thanks to a new class in a Chicago suburb, you can drop the extra pounds alongside your dog. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>>> still on the issue of body image, now there is a way for pet owners to drop pounds along with their hounds. nbc's kevin tibbles explains.

>> reporter: fighting fat and fueling our obsession with our four-legged friends. it's a workout that brings bow wow to boot camp .

>> there's no better workout partner than your dog because they will never cancel on you.

>> reporter: this is trisha montgomery 20 years ago. she got the idea for the canine fit club after losing 135 pounds by simply exercising regularly with her dog.

>> good boy.

>> reporter: and it turns out the nation's people problem with obesity has created an overweight dog epidemic, too.

>> dogs have gone from the back yard to the couch.

>> reporter: here there are puppy planks and doggy squats to get everybody moving on two legs or four. and for the mutts, there's a mop at the ready.

>> we're going to twist from side to side.

>> reporter: for the kids, even stuffed animals are welcome.

>> my dog is healthier and better behaved than she was.

>> reporter: cindy and khaki are both enjoying a new leash on life. how much weight have you lost?

>> i have lost 57 pounds.

>> reporter: but there's a lot more to the canine fit club than impressive weight loss . erin harvey has down syndrome. she bonds with 17-month-old goldie and has a newfound independence. do you and goldie get along really well here?

>> we have our moments.

>> reporter: my partner for the day, the not-is on-aptly named pep pe -- named pug, mr. big, mr. b. for short. while the other dogs were raring to go, mr. b. remained, well, stoic about it all. and in the end, i'm pretty sure i burned more calories than he did. this dog is not breaking a sweat. still, a great way to keep you and your best friend in tail-wagging shape. good job! for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago.